Comic Crafters’ Corner: Midnight Mystery #1


Creator/Pencils – Bernie Gonzalez

 Lettering – Wes Locher

If you are in need of a great title to just have fun with or to simply escape for a few moments,

you’ll need to check out MIDNIGHT MYSTERY #1 by Bernie Gonzalez and Wes Locher. This book was released last October 31 and it was perfect release date for this supernatural series.

In a spirit and tone that reminds me of old mystery television, Bernie uses a an old style that reminds me very much of the pre and golden era of strip type comics.

You can still find examples of this type of art around and it’s nice to see a newer spread continue in the same vein. This book is one of those examples.

I have some good old television on my hard drive here

that puts me in just the right spirit for Bernies’ tales.

If you’re a fan, you’ll be a fan…

I felt the same nostalgia when picking it up and going through it as I did in my earlier comic book days.

The same style would have me lifting reprints of the original DICK TRACY off the shelves to add something different to my collection. This book brings back all of those same memories.

I find the art charming and refined in it’s own unique and particular way.

The lines are very deliberate and clean and it’s part of the reason I like books in this style so much.

Bernie was gracious enough to send me some  pencils  & sketch ups that will give you a real sense of the tone and feeling I’m trying to describe here.

Perhaps you can see why I believe it is so perfect for the type of story Bernie is trying to tell.

Such is the double advantage of being a creator who is also an accomplished artist. 

In the same way as other creators at Alterna Comics, Bernie tries to be gracious and responsive to customers and is mindful of his fans’ desire to get more out of their books. 

Check out some of the merch Bernie has made available here :


Bernie has even crafted a line of signature cards as well.

Let your local LCS know that you want them if they don’t already have them on the shelves.

**my LCS didn’t have them and I had to ask**

The book itself is a mystery of course.

The primary character in our tale – Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” King – narrates to us his thoughts and his process “…as he goes from case to horrifying case…”.

The book is lighthearted and witty and is a great book for readers of all ages even though it is from the “teen” category list at Alterna.

My own nine year old son has this title on his pull list and if you have kids that are into comics, put this one down in front of them and see what they think. **You’ll need another one for yourself of course.**

If I had to choose one way to describe Bernies’ thoughtful tale here in a straightforward way it would be :


The solicits for the book described it this way:

Follow the strange adventures of detective Zeke King as he goes from case to horrifying case. In this issue: King’s latest case goes from freaky to fatal when he’s hired to find the lost son of a deceased horror host! The mystery begins in this new supernatural horror series! 

Overall,  this is a non-superhero fun book with a very nostalgic feel to it.

So if you are looking for something different and light combined with  a mysterious and suspenseful tale that will keep you wanting the next issue faster than Bernie can draw it ?

Then I suggest you get yourself into some MIDNIGHT MYSTERY at your LCS the next time you’re there. 


And as usual, I would like to thank Alterna Comics for another great title and for making comics for everyone…



PENCILS & MISC ART – Bernie Gonzalez Twitter album.




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