Comic Crafters’ Corner: Eden #2

“Demon Meat!”

Creator/Pencils – Eric Henson

 Inks – Michael Babinski & Robert Doan

Colorist – Stephen Oaks & Ross Huges

Lettering – Robert Doan

I was in the middle of this review when it came to my attention 

that the entire first print run of Eden #2 “Demon Meat!” has essentially SOLD OUT.

I’d spoil the fun for you and talk about everything I like about Eden…

but apparently – sales speak for themselves.

So fret not dear readers, I needn’t gush over this one.


Call your LCS and get the pre-order sorted out – NOW!

Get this Alterna title on your lists.

Here’s my review of Eden #1 – in case you missed the first issue.

With all that being said,

A very big “congratulations” to everyone involved at Alterna Comics is in order.

I simply don’t remember many occasions that I’ve heard of an Alterna print run selling out so far.  


Alterna Comics with Peter Simeti as a publisher, the creators, along with all of Alternas’ phenomenal the readers and fans – helped to spread word of newsprint for comics. The fact that this endeavor managed to have such a huge impact on comic culture in 2018 is due to these folks and supporters all over the world making a very loud call to the industry.

Newsprint comics that people actually want to read is important.

It’s making it’s way back to a place at the forefront of the medium, back to it’s origins.

Hopefully with such a strong demonstration,

newsprint comics will always be in a position to occupy a strong space in the medium.



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