Comic Crafters’ Corner: Eden #1

“Danger in the Darkness!”

Creator/Pencils – Eric Henson

 Inks – Michael Barinski

Colorist – Stephen Downer

Lettering – Robert Doan

***The name of this review is actually called – “Beautiful…Stunning…The End.”, but I thought you all deserved a few more scratches on the paper. Seriously though, if you are into amazing art, don’t listen to me; go get this book***



A future time when humans are no longer the masters of the Earth

and we are not alone



A parent seeking a lost child



An action filled ride, this quest has a host of unique and remarkable creatures.


A few unlikely fellows form a small little band attempting to pull some hope out of the darkness.


Each group mate has a variety of interesting abilities and racial attributes that make for a very original and skilled unit.


The detail that Eric puts into each image is amazing.


Every single panel looks as if it could serve as a splash if not a cover in some cases if you really think about it. It’s really glorious stuff.


The amount of thought and detail that such shots require to be as powerful as they are is a real testament to the seriousness of this fabulous penciler.


Erics’ epic “creature feature” doesn’t just end with party mates. The range of unique aliens both friend and foe along with their use of tech and equipment is far far richer than one would ever expect or imagine.




Eric wants this world to come alive and leap off the page for us.

It shows in every available space.


I think that Stephen Downer and Michael Barinski are real champions of Erics’ pencil work.

It really comes through their work, that they truly seem to understand Erics’ vision.

It was very rare that I couldn’t find source of distinguished colored light in every single panel no matter how dark the subject matter might have been.

Sort of a subliminal struggle between the dark and the light. I thought it was marvelous.

A real spirit of collaboration bleeds out of this book in my opinion.

Regardless, my advice is to take your time

and enjoy each and every panel.



As with his drawing, Eric is very detailed in his captions and dialog.



There is a large amount of information to absorb as the world is built up for us.


If you take a look at pages 5, 6 and 7 for example, you will find that there is a great deal of detail to process, but Robert Doan on lettering and Eric have together made it all come alive through very unobtrusive choices in the way the bubbles were placed within the art instead of around it.


I find that very skillful and pleasing to see.


Many readers might not like a lot of exposition or overlong dialog. I think it adds a great deal to the experience, especially in a sci-fi type world but

it has to be done in a very thoughtful way as it is here with Eden.


You say – “Well then show us some panels Mike…”




Hurry now and go get the book.


*Did I tell you yet that I think the art is pretty fantastic?




Overall, Eric and gang have succeeded very nicely here.



If you are looking for a very refined story,

penciled with an epic and truly polished style ?

Add Eden to your list.



Someday soon there may be many imitators, but we know there can be only ONE…

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