Comic Crafters’ Corner: Blood Realm #2


 – Part 2 –

Creator/Writer, Cover, Interior artwork – Robert Geronimo

Lettering – Thomas Mauer

Ever seen anything like this?

This is what you call fan appreciation.

This is how you create a loyal dedicated fan base.

This is nothing but Class… 

 If you are trying to find a publisher that is all about it’s readers, check out Alterna Comics.

If you are wondering why some pubs are failing and others have sold out print runs, perhaps you should put down the ban hammers and understand a few things here.

Blood Realm is a perfect example of a fellow with an idea that is different and a style and approach that are unorthodox. And then when you add some confidence?  – great things happen – 

Combine that with a publisher that has an keen eye for great talent and that believes in you – amazing.

This wasn’t some lucky mistake.

Robert Geronimo is an incredible artist who puts his all into each and every aspect of his craft.

The fact that he uses only three colors and creates such a visually stunning work is pretty  riske all on it’s own.

Robert pulls it off brilliantly.

He, like Peter Simeti also tries his best to have a personal and touching relationship with each and everyone that reaches out to him.

He creates his own merch ideas such as the incredible statuettes that he had on display at NYCon, shirts, personalized thank yous…all of it.

There are lots of reviews of books that have caught the imaginations of readers everywhere,

but this season but no one is talking about unique comics quite like they are about Blood Realm.

Comparisons have been made about the work with the types of well known fantasy hits everyone would be familiar with,

but I think this does an incredible disservice to Roberts efforts here.

This story is entirely unique.

I’m sure like the rest of us, Robert has many varied influences but I do not get the impression that any of them in particular shine through or overshadow his creation in any way.

I feel that for those who may have chosen to point out similarities to other fantasy work are guilty of apathetic and  lazy review writing.

This book  is completely new and refreshing

in concept, approach and it’s execution.

So if you are looking for a complete rethink of what a comic can be,

or would like to experience a comic presented in a way that each page becomes it’s own complete work?

Lord Cepheus is extremely pleased with your embrace of the darkness…

Welcome to the plunge… into Blood Realm.



INSERTS – Courtesy of Robert Geronimo, public twitter feed


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