Classic Story Spotlight: Fantastic Four: The End

Wrapping up my Alan David/Mark Farmer ‘Alternate Universe trilogy,’ I’m gonna go over their telling of the final adventure of Marvel’s First Family, The Fantastic Four! The End was a line of comic books published by Marvel Comics that followed possible endings for various Marvel characters, as they are set in the future.


Long after Mutants were wiped out in a war, and after losing Franklin and Valeria during the final confrontation with Doctor Doom, Reed Richards has re-made the world a Utopia! In fact, Earth is well on its way to finally being recognized as part of the Galactic Community. However this came at a cost… he’s pushed himself away from everyone else.


Susan Storm has her own obsessions. Convinced Valeria gave her a secret message, she’s gone search for a magical orb that she feels can save her kids. But does this exist? Or is she trying to deny reality?


The Thing has finally gotten his happily ever after. Happily married with a great family AND the ability to go back and forth between Rocks and Human…what more can he ask for?


And Johnny Storm has become the leader of the Avengers and is helping protect the earth and the galaxy, but it appears that things may be getting rocky as some of Earth’s old enemies aren’t thrilled at Earth being accepted into this “galactic community”.


All these and more begin to reach a boiling point and the question is “how will the Four resolve it?” Well… come, watch and find out with me!


Story Spotlight: Fantastic Four: The End

Robert Willing

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