Christopher Priest Exploring Vampirella’s ‘Year One’ at Dynamite


In July 2019, the boundary-breaking and acclaimed Christopher Priest kicked off Vampirella’s 50th anniversary celebration. Now, three years later the next chapter begins – by going back to the beginning! Vampirella: Year One debuts this summer.


This limited event series is not only an exploration of the Daughter of Drakulon’s earliest days, but also a follow up to the explosive conclusion of Vampirella / Dracula: Unholy. Our vampiress is now wanted for murder, with every demon, vampire, whack-job zealout, reporter, and law enforcement officer on Earth hunting for her. As she takes refuge hidden away, Vampirella begins to recall and question how and why she came to this planet in the first place.



Priest shared, “I’m actually a bit surprised this hasn’t been done before. There are vast areas of Vampirella’s life, especially her childhood on Drakulon, which remain largely unexplored. Half our series will be a kind of ‘pilot’ episode to gauge interest in artist Ergün Gündüz’s amazing reinterpretation of Drakulon and the new history we created during our ‘Interstellar’ story arc in Vampirella #18-21.”



“The remaining issues will take an odd turn on the E.T. story, examining the plight of many refugees who come to America seeking asylum and freedom. Vampirella leaves Drakulon on a mission of mercy, unaware that, due to the crude state of Earth technology, it will be a one-way trip.”



“Stranded in a strange land, Vampi is a literal illegal alien, immigrant and lost soul in 1969 New York City–a far more dangerous city than it is today. Vampirella does not understand our language, our culture, our politics. We land her squarely back in the pages of her original Warren Publishing book, with cameos from some of the original cast. The book is a lot of fun while also exploring important themes of who we are as Americans and how to live up to our core values.”

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