Cautionary Comics: Offworlder Launches

Cautionary Comics has have launched a crowdfund campaign for their next big project OFFWORLDER. This is a science-fiction adventure in the vein of SILVER SURFER and THE STARS MY DESTINATION, but it is more than that. It’s a comic that fires on all twelve cylinders with a great story, stunning art, and no wasted panels. Seventh century Scotland. Henry Gunn leads his clan in a ferocious battle with Viking invaders, but with victory in sight, he is ripped from space and time by an alien race. The Ananaki seek a champion to stop another alien race from conquering all known space! The OFFWORLDER sacrifices himself for his people. Now he must fight an intergalactic war to save them!

OFFWORLDER – The Protectors of Sa’Ra – PART ONE! (48 Page Graphic Novel) tells the tale of The Anunnaki as they seek a champion to stop an evil alien race known as the Lizzarsin from conquering all known space! The fate of the Universe rests on the shoulders of a troubled demi-god they call OFFWORLDER!

CAUTIONARY has already delivered on Chuck Dixon’s RAVAGE! That was Cautionary’s first crowd-funder and it was a learning experience. The success of OFFWORLDER will lead next to the launch of FLORIDA MAN, also by Mike Baron.

Jamison Ashley

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