Bloodshot #1: Badass Comic With a Badass Carbon Fiber Cover

A badass comic deserves a badass cover!

Valiant Entertainment reveals the BLOODSHOT #1 Carbon Fiber Finish Variant Cover! This stunning cover features artwork by fan-favorite artist Jonboy Meyers.  Designed by Valiant’s Director of Design & Production Travis Escarfullery, the BLOODSHOT #1 Carbon Fiber Finish Variant Cover is truly unlike any other comic cover fans will see!



Retailers can obtain a BLOODSHOT #1 Carbon Fiber Finish Variant Cover for every qualifying order of 250 copies of BLOODSHOT #1, an all-new ongoing series by captivating writer Tim Seeley and kinetic artist Brett Booth.

Ask your local comic shop by Monday, September 2nd how you can add the Carbon Fiber Finish variant to your collection.

Jamison Ashley

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