Batman’s New Robin to Debut in ‘Batman: Black & White’ Preview

DC fans got a welcome surprise when they learned that Mia “Maps” Mizoguchi would step into the Robin role thanks to Karl Kerschl, and now we have an up-close look at her in the new role. 

Maps will debut as Robin in Kerschl’s 8-page story in the upcoming Batman: Black and White relaunch, which is fitting since it was Kerschl working with the character in his previous work in Gotham Academy. Now the fan-favorite will take on the Robin mantle, and she seems to be having a ball in the new role, as the artwork shows her with an awestruck smile in her full Robin gear.



Kerschl posted the artwork with the caption “Inking some more of this Batman: Black & White story right now on @Twitch!”, and you can check it out below. Final order cut-off is today, so get in touch with your LCS if you’re interested.

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