Bad Idea Comics Just Changing Their Name, Not Their Game?

As we reported yesterday, BAD IDEA (as you know it) is ending.


The unconventional comic book publisher that launched in March will be releasing the currently solicited and announced books until December. But after that, BAD IDEA is over. Their new wave of books will be called the FINAL FIVE and are expected to be announced Thursday, June 17th. This FINAL FIVE consists of 5 titles (15 issues) which will be distributed from August until December. So in their string of “bad ideas,” the publisher expects people to order these books without knowing what they are.



The publisher’s CEO, Dinesh, accidentally announced a name change on a podcast (was it an accident?) which is cute and all, but these moves have the potential to burn bridges with many of their fringe stores. It’s simply not cost effective for shops that only order a handful of copies each month to have to jump through several hoops of signing contracts, creating accounts, and so on to earn $12-$15 per month. On the other hand, larger shops that are ordering dozens or hundreds of copies of each book, can make the arrangement make profitable sense.


We’ll update you on any further confusing developments.

Chris Braly

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