Back Issue Spotlight: The Punisher: The End (2004)

Continuing with my ongoing review videos for ‘The End’ one-shot comics by Marvel, tonight I think it’s time we talk about The Punisher and how Garth Ennis, the man who helped re-defined the vigilante, saw how Frank Castle would finally go out. And it’s The Max version of the character, by the way.



In a world without super-heroes, and playing off of the very worst of humanity, the Max comics line of Punisher stories allowed Garth Ennis to really cut loose with Frank, and this fitting finale is no different. The War on Terror has escalated to the point where the U.S. accuses China of being in on it. These accusations eventually lead to anger which eventually results in nuclear war! A year after the bombs drop, a very old, but still determined Frank leaves a bunker under Sing Sing to make one last mission.



What results is a depressing tale that makes it clear we’re more than likely to just wipe each other out. No “Resistance,” no “Mutants,” no nothing. How could we do anything if we never see it coming? Well there’s the rub. The only ones who would survive… are the ones who DID see it coming! In fact, they were the ones instigating things and having fall backs to save their sorry asses! And in this story, that’s who Frank is after! Big business oligarchs that pushed the planet’s luck too far!

Before I say anything further, this is a very well written and fantastically drawn book, but it is damn depressing! Watch the video below so you can see how things turn out!



Story Spotlight: The Punisher: The End

Robert Willing

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