Back-Issue Spotlight: Spider-Girl: The End

Continuing with my The End videos, we’re going to talk about one of the few that’s considered Canon. Spider-Girl: The End! The book that closed out the Pre-Spider-Verse version of Mayday Parker!


And…she’s not the main focus of the book. The main focus of the book, and the main point of it too, is to wrap up the April Parker/Mayhem storyline that had been going on for a long while.


April Parker was a clone of Mayday fused with a Symbiote and created to be a killer! Convinced she’s the real deal she wants to take Mayday’s life! And, after a battle leads to Maydays Death…she does! And brings about the end of the world!


Can a much older April be able to go back in time and fix the problems she’s caused? Or will time repeat itself? And how do things end for Mayday? Come watch and find out!


Story Spotlight: Spider-Girl: The End

Robert Willing

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