Baby Teeth #13 is a story about.. Family??

Babyteeth #13 is a horror series from writer Donny Cates and artist Garry Brown and this issue continues the saga of Sadie Ritter and her adorable little hellspawn as the search for Clark and Heather takes some drastic and deadly turns. What lurks in the crimson shadows of the Red Realm? Probably nothing good. But you’re all about to find out! 

This just floored me. And when I say floored, I mean shocked! Aftershock Comics made a story about the antichrist, but not only that. They made a GOOD story about family, coming together and working with your loved ones in the worst imaginable situation. Check out my full breakdown and review below!

AfterShock Comics | Baby Teeth #13 | A Story of Family

Tristen Just

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