Anthologies Make Great Comics [Part 2]

To continue from part 1, I have found a company that is trying to revitalize the seemingly lost popularity of anthologies and extra sized bonus issues.

Peter Simeti @Alterna Comics has released a bi-monthly extra sized book that features a wide range of genres, artists along with interviews.

Issue #1 of “It Came out on a Wednesday” is a really great old school read. There is a wide variety of very different stories and themes.

I found #2 memorable as well but for very different reasons.

Issue #2 featured some twisted, darker type stories some of which were very thought provoking while others were entertainingly disturbing.

Regardless, there are definitely the nucleii and gems that could become some really great and ever larger tales.

Some of these are very promising concepts so far that could and should be explored further –  in their own minis perhaps. It could be that some of those featured do indeed already have projects in the works.

Two of these great spreads have already appeared so far  this season.

Two more are slated for release between now and Christmas.

I’m suspicious that Peter might be using his anthologies to gauge market reactions to new ideas and it seems like a smart tool to have in your box in the comic business.

A publisher could see what an artist or creator might do while under pressure and how they can collaborate with others.

Or perhaps how they may react to negative response or maybe even failure. Do they freak out? Do they give up?

Publishers also get useful feedback direct from readers.

Providing more variety and content to readers in the first place is just great for readers and books overall.

How can you go wrong?

I’m really enthusiastic about what is going on over @AlternaComics for the whole variety of unique and interesting ways that they approach the business of helping creators reach more readers.

Not just anthologies and such but…

Speaking only of my home for example – my son is reading comics everyday now because of Alterna Comics.

I had to guntape my Copper and Dark Age comic boxes and store them away so he’s not into them you know…

(touching them and shit)

We have Alterna Comics here.

We buy every one of them we can find.  We color in them, spill coffee on them.

Cheerios are stuck on the covers. We stuff them into our book-bags for school everyday.

I have a pull list for the first time in 25 years. My son has one also. I have 17 titles. He has 4.

We read them and enjoy them and pass them around to our friends.

We don’t shut them up in little morgues, in the dark. (Just kidding we bought doubles and the nice ones are put away)

But the review copies are books and so, we read them.

Alterna Comics has done this!

I can’t wait to get the next “It came out on a Wednesday” in order to see what other great creators might be preparing next for our reading pleasure.

A rebirth of anthology style comics might be encouraging perhaps to other small publishers of indie style materials as well as creators themselves to collaborate more with each other and think about putting even more things like this together.

Small time creators and all sorts of indie folks might cut costs, share some expenses and skills by working together in combined works like anthologies. 

They can provide real printed content from a whole handful of artists to thousands of readers in one go.

They could and should  help each other with the craft and its exposure.

Anthologies, Annuals and extra sized crossover features

is just good comic books.



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