Alterna Comics’ Peter Simeti Attacked for Treating Fans With Respect

It’s a pretty telling train of wrecks constantly coming out of the “other side” of what has come to be known as #ComicsGate. What other proof is needed when Peter Simetit, publisher of Alterna Comics, one of the most respected, humble, appreciative and kind – fan oriented creator and innovator – comes under a social media assault.


Peter Simeti‘s crime? He had the absolute audacity to go on Twitter to give “thanks” to his many, many followers no matter who they may be,  for supporting his art, his business, his employees and contributors.



The medium of comics is in a terrible nose dive presently, due to a very complex variety of reasons. Currently, the “death blow” seems to be coming from a socially abusive, destructive and very angry and bitter segment of the population. These people are moral authoritarians. They want to control what you say, how you feel, who you associate yourself with – all of it. No matter who it is that tries to be inclusive, non-partisan and fair, they become a terrific target for these subversives and anti social tyrants. It has become predictable, sad and quite repetitive.


A very sad day indeed when someone who is trying so desperately and unflinchingly,  to keep the medium alive by literally going back to a style of print media that made comics so affordable and accessible to so many millions of folks in the first place – is hobbled and hacked down.


It would seem like such a terrible risk at first glance, but we are seeing a resurgence of the heart and soul of comics that lies directly on the path it originally wore down in the old wilderness of publishing. Fans everywhere are supporting this venture with incredible enthusiasm and support.


It should be seen by everyone else to be a very good thing that Peter isn’t being affected by these attacks as those responsible would have liked.


In fact, the exact opposite is true. The more these bigotards attack and attempt to humiliate, shame and de-platform good people like Peter, the more the normies among us and other folks who normally wouldn’t deign to get involved find the courage to do so and find a voice. What is that voice saying?


We see you for exactly what you are.


When will these people understand that just because they’ve somehow managed to coerce and manipulate the mainstream, they do not represent, nor are they reflective of the mainstream in any other way than fringy, cringy and triggly extremists?


What will it take for them to see that the tide is indeed turning and that they have upset so many people in so many ways; that they are in danger of being swallowed by their own wave?


If you were ever in any doubt as to where the truth lies in the matter of “Comics-Gate” then look no further to the thousands upon thousands of tweets that Peter Simeti answers personally. It would appear that he answers every single one, astounding as that may sound. Take this grace combined with the effort and time that such responses require. The only things you will find in his feed is his immense gratitude and his genuine expressions of humble thanks throughout. It is really something to see and something for all of us to follow by example.


Compare such wonderful customer appreciation and respect with the vitriol, virtue signalling demands and “horror” at the fact that Peter doesn’t care a single iota what your politics or views on anything are….He just wants to put books in your hands and  hopes that you will think differently about them and that you would support them if you are able. Above all he simply wants you to enjoy them for just what they are and not what you think they should be. That’s a great role model in times like these. So to Peter himself…


Keep it up Peter, thousands and thousands of us out here are behind you. You are a legend to many of us already and with an attitude and the personal ethics you show to everyone you meet, you’ll soon be legendary to everyone, everywhere  – as it should be.


Since this article was written, Peter’s company, Alterna Comics publicized their social media policy that all freelancers and contractors that work for Alterna Comics are expected to adhere to.

As you probably suspect, the outrage addicts were wildly upset and threatened to boycott.

In spite of this toxic response from those in the #ComicsHATE movement, real fans of Alterna and regular comic book fans (normies) were quite supportive.


Bounding Into Comics weighed in with this salient point:

What’s really interesting about the negative responses is that people seem to believe this social media policy is out of the ordinary. However, DC Comics issued extremely similar guidelines in an email to their freelancers back in February. In fact, DC Comics’ policy was much more thorough going so far as to “recommend that you avoid negative comments in this very public forum.” DC Comics evens recommends to their freelancers that they “refrain from engaging with individuals who may be speaking negatively about you, other talent, DC, our fans, and the comics industry as this is a no-win situation.”

But maybe the biggest piece about DC Comics’ social media policy is where it states, “Comments that may be considered defamatory, libelous, discriminatory, harassing, hateful, or that incite violence are unacceptable and may result in civil or criminal action. In addition, comments that may be considered insulting, cruel, rude, crass, and mean spirited are against company policy guidelines. We ask, and expect, that you will help to create an online environment that is inclusive, supportive and safe.”

That sounds extremely similar to Alterna’s newly released guidelines, but no one was throwing a fit when DC released their guidelines. In fact, a number of DC Comics and Vertigo Comics freelancers have repeatedly broken the DC Comics guidelines including Richard Pace, Zoe Quinn, Robbi Rodriguez, and Ramon Villalobos. However, DC Comics hasn’t taken any action whatsoever. So, their guidelines might be similar to Alterna’s but they sure don’t enforce them. It will be interesting to see if Alterna enforces these guidelines.


We love Alterna Comics. They’ve brought back newsprint paper to their floppies and while Marvel and DC Comics don’t have any titles with a cover price less than $3.99 and frequently publish books at $7.99 and $9.99, Alterna Comics publishes their books for $1.50. Unheard of and worth investing a few bucks to support them for trying to save the comics industry.

And give Peter a follow on social media and show your support there as well: @PeterSimeti

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