Werewolf So White? Marvel to Race Swap the Werewolf by Night


A horror-tinged relaunch of Werewolf by Night is coming. The new four-issue Werewolf by Night miniseries will be written by Black Eyed Peas member Taboo and Benjamin Jackendoff, and illustrated by Scot Eaton.





The new version of Werewolf by Night will have ties to Native American storytelling and mythology, and will see the Marvel character Red Wolf hunting the newly-emerged werewolf, the victim of a family curse. The original Werewolf by Night character first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #2 in 1972 and was based on an idea by Roy Thomas. The lead character, Jack Russell, graduated to his own eponymous series in September 1972 being written by Gerry Conway who found the horror genre to be a refreshing change from the superhero stories that had been the staple of mainstream comics for years.



Werewolf by Night was published for 43 issues and ran through March 1977. He disappeared for several years, but when he showed up in 1983, the character’s appearance was radically revamped in Moon Knight #29. He went on to guest-star in issues of Spider-Woman, West Coast Avengers, and Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme. Eventually the Werewolf by Night character was revived in the pages of Marvel Comics Presents, where he appeared irregularly from 1991-1993 and made regular appearances as a supporting cast member in the pages of Morbius: The Living Vampire from 1993-1995. A few times the character was relaunched with a new title, to no success, and he was last seen as a member of Morbius’ Midnight Sons in Marvel Zombies 4 in 2009.




The new series, which takes its title from the popular 1970s comic that blurred the line between horror and superheroes, and in which Moon Knight first appeared, was announced this week via This Week in Marvel podcast, though no series length or artist were specified. No plot was given for the series




Cebulski made sure that the writing team for this new version had proper bonafides for this series. In addition to Taboo and Jackendoff having previously co-written the 2017 Marvel OGN Masters of the Sun Vol 1.: The Zombie Chronicles, the former Black Eyed Pea member Taboo also discussed exploring Native American themes through the prism of the Marvel Universe and told ComicBook.com:


“We took all the proper precautions, like getting the right folks that represent Indian country. When it comes to native storytelling, there’s a respect and an empathy for elders and folks from different tribes, nations, especially when you’re telling a story. This story is personal for me because I am half Hopi, that’s my tribe and the character is based on Hopi and the Hopi reservation. And for us, we always want to be respectful to native folks, especially when it comes to the Marvel Universe.”


Marvel has had no comment on how the outspoken anti-American Ta-Nehisi Coates is the best writer of their Captain America series, but I digress.  They’re aligning writers in both film and comics with the protagonists as much as they can.


More information on Werewolf By Night is likely to arrive in Marvel’s April 2020 solicitations, arriving later this month.

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