It’s Treachery & Retribution in ‘Thor vs. the Valkyries’

Thor vs. the Valkyries” is a new story of treachery and retribution set in the universe of Norse mythology  by author Paul Hair. I recently spoke with Paul about this succinct, but engaging adventure.

Chris: You have a unique writing style, and have done both fiction and non-fiction. How did you first begin writing professionally?

Paul: Just a few years after the September 11, 2001 Islamic terrorist attacks on America, I enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve as an all-source intelligence analyst. During my eight years as a military intelligence soldier, I did a lot of writing both stateside and while deployed to the Iraq War. So that was my first experience writing professionally, even as none of my work is publicly available.


As I neared the end of my enlistment, I started doing the political punditry thing. Some of my earlier writings appeared at Breitbart. The Daily Caller published a handful too. And I wrote for a bunch of other sites as well. For a variety of reasons, I eventually waved goodbye to political pontificating and joined Michael Loftus’s The Loftus Party.


We do some political stuff at TLP but we focus quite a bit on entertainment, culture, and fun stuff too. At times, I combine politics and entertainment by writing short stories about political matters. It’s a unique way to set apart my political writings from the normal here’s-my-rant type of columns. Such short stories, of course, are different than the books and short stories I sell. The fiction I sell does not contain the explicit political focus. I encourage everyone to check out The Loftus Party. And people can catch me every week on the “What’s on the Web with Paul” segment of The Loftus Party podcast (linked at TLP website).


My for-sale fiction writing started around the time I began writing for The Loftus Party. Some of my first tales were included in the Appalling Stories series of anthologies. They’re now out of print. But I’ve newer stories that are available. “Her True Self” is a young adult novella, and “Thor vs. the Valkyries” (my latest) is for adults. And I definitely have plans for further tales. Readers can follow me at my Amazon Author Page to be notified when they’re announced.



Chris: What made you want to write a Thor tale, and where did this idea come from and how did it develop?

Paul: The general direction of comic book movies inspired me to write “Thor vs. the Valkyries.” That is to say, I do not agree with the general direction of comic book movies, so I decided to write a brief action tale of my own.

It’s a story about betrayal and retribution, which allows for a lot of excitement. It contains nothing of a political nature but it does feature dialogue, actions, and scenes that you will no longer find in mainstream entertainment simply because of the mindset of those who now run mainstream entertainment.

Ultimately, it’s fun, it’s short (it’s in the 30-minute read category on Amazon), and it’s only $0.99 (or free for those readers who subscribe to Kindle Unlimited).


Chris: A bargain! How does this fit in with your other works and style?

Paul: “Thor vs. the Valkyries” is a tale for adults. It doesn’t have any swearing and it doesn’t have any sex, but it does feature some intense scenes of a variety of sorts. Still, I’d say they are nothing worse than what one would find in the Jabba the Hutt scenes in “Return of the Jedi.”

So “Thor vs. the Valkyries” fits in with my other works and style in that it keeps things relatively clean even when things get rough.


Chris: Are you a fan or Norse mythology, or the MCU films or the original comics? 

Paul: “Thor vs. the Valkyries” bears no resemblance to the MCU, Marvel Comics, or any of the characters and situations contained therein those properties. I’m a fan of Norse mythology in that the literature interests me. And I indeed did consult portions of “The Prose Edda” before writing my story. I’m not anywhere close to being an expert on Norse mythology, of course, but I tried to base the characters of Thor, Lady Sif, and the Valkyries off their descriptions in “The Prose Edda.” And those descriptions are quite different than what one sees in the MCU and even the Marvel Comics comic books.




Chris: What is unique about this Thor adventure?

Paul: Thor is not the silent type. Yet when the conflict starts, he becomes a man of few words. There’s an interesting dichotomy there. But his being a man of few words when conflict starts is interesting by itself. In other words, actions speak louder than words for Thor.

We don’t see that much in today’s world—particularly since everything is now political and since the ruling class endlessly “debates” things until it makes the other side of “debate” publicly unacceptable. The character of Thor in my story upends this way of living and thinking by not even allowing the idea of “debate” to cross his mind when he encounters something that requires actions instead of words.

Or, to put it all a simpler way, Thor lives out the Maryland state motto: “Fatti Maschii Parole Femine.” And that makes “Thor vs. the Valkyries” quite unique. It isn’t a political statement but it is quite jarring to modern sensibilities.


Chris: Thanks for chatting with me. Where can readers keep up with your work?

Paul: Interested readers can follow my Amazon Author Page, my posts at The Loftus Party, and me on Gab (PaulHair) and MeWe (Paul Hair) to stay up-to-date on all that I’m doing.



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