If You Love Space Opera, Check Out ‘The Galaxy Ascendant’ Series

Do you miss the days of great, epic, action-packed space opera? Do you want great stories, characters, and a truly fun, expansive universe? Craving truly original grand scope, epic space opera action, featuring massive space battles, a large, varied — and entirely alien — cast of characters? Then you may want to check out the science fiction series ‘Galaxy Ascendant’.


The first three books of the series received critical acclaim, and now books four and five are in a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. Galaxy Ascendant : A Fiery Reckoning I: Ascendancy’s Rise, and A Fiery Reckoning II: Empire’s Fall.


The author, Yakov Merkin, has been an avid fan of science fiction and fantasy for years, and writes in both of those genres. He currently serves in the Israel Defense Force and has written the space opera and fantasy novels ‘A Greater Duty’, ‘A Looming Shadow’, ‘A Shifting Alliance’, and ‘The Dragon Hand’. In his writings he is creating an interwoven new reality with action, characters of depth, along with strategic and social themes in the tradition of the classic sci-fi / fantasy writers of legend.



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John Pallister

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