Zack Snyder Uses Suicide Charity LiveStream to Disavow the Promoters



While doing press for his upcoming HBO Max tentpole, Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the director agreed to participate in a livestream with NFL lineman Uche Nwaneri on his Youtube channel for a special event fundraiser for Awareness For Suicide Prevention (AFSP). On the eve of the release of the long awaited Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Uche’s The Observant Lineman, Axel & Associates, and Geeks + Gamers were sponsoring and promoting this charity auction to help those in need by raising money for and bringing awareness to suicide prevention. The stream was directing people to an online auction of exclusive #SnyderCut materials and memorabilia found on the donation page. This webpage also had each of the promoters and sponsor’s logos at the bottom, at least it did for a while.



Uche’s charity livestream was joined by other hosts Ryan Kinel (Geeks + Gamers, RK Outpost), Gary Buechler (Nerdrotic), Film Gob, Star Wars Theory, Lethal Lightning, Tyrone Magnus, Davee Pena, Fiona Zheng, Ray Porter, MyNerdyHome, and Jade Shadow. Many of those involved are members of the Geeks & Gamers community, or adjacent and supportive of it. The response was so strong in promoting the charity effort, that long before Zack Snyder even showed up, the amount of donations collected for the AFSP had surpassed $60,000.


Then Zack showed up and sucked all the wind out of the room, nearly stopping the stream in its tracks with his opening statements …



In his own words, after saying hello to all the hosts, Snyder said the following (at 0:45 seconds in the above clip/tweet):


“We’re really not affiliated with Geeks and Gamers as far as I’m concerned. And I really just want to make that clear. And I also want to just say, um, in light of recent events, I think we really, you know, if Justice League teaches us anything, it’s about coming together, and there’s no room for hate and I just think that it’s an important message.”


Snyder then he went on to mention that he was the father of Asian children, and related that to this week’s tragic event in Atlanta where several shootings were committed at Atlanta area massage parlors where six of the victims were Asian and two were White. Because of some of the victims’ backgrounds, many in the media raised fears that ethnicity had come into play, but authorities said on Wednesday that the suspect saw the spas as a “temptation that he wanted to eliminate”.


What any of this had to do with Geeks + Gamers is unclear, but including it as part of his opening comments was insulting to a group that had been helping organize and promote the AFSP fundraiser. 



After hearing Snyder’s insulting comments, G+G founder Jeremy Gribbs decided to start a livestream over on the G+G Youtube channel in order to respond to Zack’s misstep. Lots of confusion and hurt feelings were openly expressed, with Jeremy praising his associates for not losing their cool during the charity event after Snyder’s “no room for hate” comment. Eventually Uche joined the response stream to add some perspective and occasionally engaged in heated words with the others, specifically Eric D. July, who didn’t want to give Zack’s comments a pass.  Eric felt Zack had misrepresented Geeks + Gamers, and that his actions were two-faced and disrespectful.


July offered no quarter.




Suicide Prevention is obviously an important cause to Snyder, and a very personal one. His daughter Autumn died of suicide at 20 years old after struggling with depression, and the death happened while he was filming Justice League. Afterwards, Zack “lost the will to fight” any additional battles with Warner Bros. over creative control of the film. The director told Vanity Fair ahead of the release of the Snyder Cut of “Justice League” that arguing over the film didn’t feel worth it.


“We just lost the will to fight that fight in a lot of ways,” Synder said. “All of us, the whole family, we’re just so broken by [losing Autumn] that having those conversations in the middle of it really became … I was like, ‘Really?’ Frankly I think we did the right thing because I think it would’ve been either incredibly belligerent or we just rolled over.” 


A tragic moment in any person’s life for sure. Is Zack “rolling over” again for Warner Bros, or does he really think this low of G+G?


When all is said and done, this inappropriate misstep should probably be blamed on Warner Bros., because many viewers are going to hear Zack Snyder maligning Geeks + Gamers as a hate group and perception is reality. Intentionally, or not, it was a tone-deaf statement by Snyder which likely put off a very large portion of the livestream viewers, and supporters of Uche and Geeks & Gamers, who have been thirsting for the legendary “Snyder Cut” for years.  Regrettably, this may have negatively impacted the fundraising effort.


These organizers really are the good guys in this situation and they’re a diverse group of geeks and gamers who have probably promoted the Snyder Cut as much as any channel. Would Zack Snyder have made these same comments about any other outlet? Kotaku? iO9? Collider?





Zack’s comments were unnecessary and had no place on a charity livestream. If he was pressured by the studio, then Zack Snyder should have recognized that he is in a powerful position right now in the film industry, flexed his  muscles, and refused to make any sort of comment at all that could potentially take away from such a noble charity effort. If he bent the knee to his agent or friends who don’t like G+G, then shame on him.



There is no way that Warner Bros. would retaliate and refuse to release the Snyder Cut. It’s too late for that. And Netflix isn’t going to deplatform his next film, Army of the Dead after all the promotion they’ve invested. Snyder is the one in power, which is why I remain convinced that this was his decision, or he took it under advisement and thought it was a good idea. Whatever the case, his poor choice of words, his misunderstanding, or his bias, they are far less important than saving the lives of anyone that needs help. 


Zack Snyder owes the Geeks + Gamers community a heartfelt and sincere apology. Otherwise his works are going to be rejected by the fans who will feel rejected after this. Snyder didn’t even thank the organizers before he left the stream. While an argument could be made that those words hurt the effort last night, it doesn’t have to.


No matter how you feel about it, please keep donating to AFSP. It is a very important cause. That’s what is important here.  Click here to check out the auction items (lots of cool stuff) or donate directly to donate without getting any stuff. Trust me when I tell you that this charity isn’t concerned about your politics or where the money comes from. They need it. 




Meanwhile, stop giving money to people who hate you.




Jeremy and Eric July then joined Ethan Van Sciver and others to recap, roast Jeremy, and then add more to the discussion. This whole incident is nothing but bad optics for Snyder, but will likely have very little impact on the Warner Bros. brand. 



UPDATE 2: Jeremy of Geeks & Gamers speaks up about all the behind the scenes details that help explain everyone’s actions.


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