Of Course Marvel Hired Another Overrated, Pretentious Writer

The pretentious Zoë Quinn, who first worked in video games, had initially been hired to write Goddess Mode for the now collapsed Vertigo imprint at DC. Now, in another show of nepotism, Marvel’s hired her to write a Hellcat story for a new anthology called Fearless, which is supposed to be written almost entirely by women and starring women too.


In this on-site interview Marvel ran with her, she said:


“What I love about Hellcat is how she’s been through hell, literally, and instead of being bitter or mean, she’s still sweet and cares more about helping people than she does punishing them,” said Quinn. “It’s been really fun to write for her because in addition to her own awesomeness she’s got this really excellent supporting cast of other really relatable street-level supers, gig economy workers, and actual dang demons.”

This is so superficial. I get the feeling she never read much of the past stories featuring Patsy Walker, and is only going by what she supposedly “knows” about the character, or she would’ve referenced the time she’d first appeared as a romance story star in the Golden Age’s Miss America magazine and her own eponymous title in the Silver Age, before being added to the MCU proper years later, along with Patsy’s affair with Daimon Hellstrom. And Quinn’s never apologized for her nasty political rants, mainly because DC obviously never told her to. Her Vertigo book also never sold well, and based on the reputation she’s built, it’ll be no surprise if this fares no better.

That’s another demerit to C.B. Cebulski’s record, hiring writers with poor etiquette and reputation, and no proven record of success in the entertainment business.


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Avi Green

Avi Green

Avi Green was born in Pennsylvania in 1974, and moved to Israel in 1983. He enjoyed reading comics when he was young, the first being Fantastic Four. He maintains a strong belief in the public's right to knowledge and accuracy of facts. He considers himself a conservative-style version of Clark Kent. Follow him on his blog at Four Color Media Monitor or on Twitter at @avigreen1