Writer for StarWars.com, CBR & The Mary Sue Faces Sexual Misconduct Charges

Here we go again…




Alan Kistler is a media personality who writes for CBR.com, WIRED, and get this: The Mary Sue.




But even more amusing than that, is the fact that Alan Kistler sat on a panel at GeekGirlCon 2014, to discuss “The Heroine’s Journey: Moving Beyond Campbell’s Monomyth,” along with Tricia Barr.




Well, we all saw what moving beyond Campbell’s monomyth did for Star Wars. But I digress.


The other person that Amy Ratcliffe speaks of, is Lucas Seigel. Lucas is a comics journalist who used to be a contributor for starwars.com. But back in 2017, Lucas was scrubbed from starwars.com over allegations of sexual misconduct. According to comicsbeat.com:


Pop culture journalist Lucas Siegel has been accused by numerous women, including his ex-wife, comics editor and publisher Jannelle Asselin of serious sexual misconduct, groping and more.

Siegel is a former editor in chief at Newsarama, and was formerly a managing editor staff writer at Comicbook.com. Siegel left both positions abruptly. Most recently he was a writer for StarWars.com. However, in the wake of the allegations, his stories have been removed and his bio page has been scrubbed.


Well, the Twitter thread that Amy Ratcliffe points her followers to is from Reilly Grey. Reilly is apparently making new accusations against those two writers. Unfortunately, it appears that Reilly has deleted the thread that Amy posts.


But the internet is forever. So here’s what Reilly had to say:




Well, those of us in the normal sphere have always known the true nature of the male feminist.


Male Feminist


But all of this still makes Amy Ratcliffe steaming mad.




It’s almost as though all of those pop-culture journalists who called critics of The Last Jedi misogynists and sexists, are suddenly being revealed for exactly who they are. That, also, seems to be a thing.


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