Writer Chuck Wendig Denies Any Involvement in ‘The Mandalorian’

Recently, I’ve written a couple of blog posts that speculate on the possibility that The Mandalorian protagonist could be based on the Chuck Wendig character, Cobb Vanth.  Bleeding Fool republished one of those blog posts, and it caught Chuck Wendig’s eye.



Well Charles and Kristen, if I have… “problems”, then so too does Andew Liptak from Polygon,  Kervyn Cloete from criticalhit.netThomas Bacon from ScreenRantDavid Harris from Fansided, and JJ Goodman from That Hash Tag Show.  Because my speculation on this possibility was based on their speculations of the very same thing.  You do understand the definition of the word “speculation” right?


As for who is in whose head…  Chuck, I’m not reading your books.  You’re reading my articles.  What does that say exactly? You never commented when the other websites published the same topic of speculation…


Ultimately though, the lack of Chuck’s involvement will probably be the best advertisement for The Mandalorian yet.




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