Woke Feminist Scientist Suggests a Segregation of Fanbases

As Yuri Bezmenov told us, part of Cultural Subversion is replacing the teaching of practical and useful things in the education system, with worthless and useless things such as the study of sexuality and so on. Enter gender studies feminist Neta Yodovich.


Readers of this blog may remember a blog post in which I wrote about Neta Yodovich putting out query for participants in a study, which seemed to signal the fact that fans were about to be smeared by “science” yet again.


Bias free.

Well, it has arrived.



And as usual, this “science” is little more than data mining and confirmation bias, described with the fashionable political buzzwords of the moment.




This study purports to analyze female fans of Doctor Who and Star Wars, but as always, the political scapegoat of the freak left (white people) need not apply.





How very rigorous indeed.



Collective, collaborative, cooperative, community.



Seriously though, this sounds less like science and more like an old bitty complaining over her backyard fence that her crochet club doesn’t schedule their meetings around her hair salon appointments.





And thus the “scientist” manufactures a problem that never existed.





And here the child unintentionally touches base on a problem she has no way of having any experience of. The fact the for many, simply being a science fiction fan at all was the result of being an outcast and not having “belonging.” But you never heard fans whining about it, or writing 17 page studies. Instead, they focused on discussion of their favored IPs and the creation of fan art. I guess wringing your hands over social problems is “evolved,” or something.


The essay goes on for some length and you can get the PDF here, but let’s cut to the chase.





In other words, the fans who have been fans of an IP for years or decades are bastards for not allowing the Johnny come lately to squat in their home and change things to their own personal satisfaction. The solution? “The formation of communities for minorities.” It’s the same solution that race and gender obsessed SJWs have always come up with, and are still coming up with at universities today. But today we can call it the New Segregation.



Eugenics may be “new to you.”

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