William Shatner Vs Doomcock

Soo…Here’s the type of infantilism, ignorance and hatred we’re dealing with again here this week…

It seems that one of our most beloved heroes, mentors and inspirations has come under attack – again ?!?!

ca. 2002 — William Shatner — Image by © Jerry Avenaim/Corbis

Who the hell do people think they are that they can utter something so awful and inhuman not only to Mr. Shatner but to the family of the late Leonard Nimoy who were the recipients after all and had to field the first of the abuse ?

What is this animosity towards our elders ?

What is this appalling fucking behaviour ?

 Pathological mass hysteria by a bunch of hypocrites full of hatred, ignorance and inexperience masquerading as                                                                               virtue warriors.

                        Intentionally – willingly and shamelessly so.

This is not “trolling”. This is not ribbing. This is not satire or even anything approaching what anyone would confuse for even twisted humour.

What has William Shatner done recently or ever that someone can wish him dead simply for being himself ?

He’s not being attacked for what he’s done – he’s being attacked for what and who he is.

He is in fact still Mr. Shatner himself and he is very much still alive.

Since Mr. Shatner now enjoys the success which comes as a result of a successful life, itself the combination of effort and struggle ; Mr. Shatner must now be assigned “oppressor” status by default, then is it ? 

Mr. Shatners’ success has apparently upset someone out there, but we don’t really think that is at all relevant to a public discussion on a public platform and certainly not in such a disgusting and abhorrent fashion. 


DICKTOR VAN DOOMCOCK – The Future Ruler of Earth –   had some very choice words for folks who might feel compelled to publicly and foolishly attack one of the most recognizable and iconic figures of the 20th century.

Overlord DOOMCOCK and his Legionnaires quickly descended upon the scene to provide support to Mr. Shatner after such an underhanded and disgusting public insult. The Echo Base Network informed the tormentor in no uncertain terms – fuck-off somewhere…like now…

You can view the glorious proclamations of the great Overlord himself, right here :

William Shatner Under Attack on Twitter!

The great Overlord did not come to the defence of this great man out of concern for himself, or for monetary rewards or for any other reason other than he is a massive, lifelong supporter of Mr. Shatners life and work.

The Great Overlord DOOMCOCK is a humble and great admirer of Mr. Shatners influence on our modern culture and society.

In fact, as a result of the Great Overlords’ militant support of Mr. Shatner and the great legacy of the Star Trek universe and franchise he has sometimes run afoul of the powers that be, including Mr. Shatner himself. 

The Great Overlord found himself banned by our great Admiral this past year when public sentiment behind a new Star Trek franchise was beginning to sour after only one season.

Overlord DOOMCOCKs’ concurrence with those same sentiments and his public utterances to that effect, however noble in intent;  served to have the Great Overlord and Future Ruler of Earth – EXILED – banned from Mr. Shatners Twitter following.

These were indeed terrible times, but the Great Overlord does not bow to public pressure or hide from shame perceived or imposed by fucking morons.

The Great Overlord  does not bother himself with the desires nor  the fee fees of degenerates  & bottom dwellers.

DOOMCOCK is made of much greater and more powerful stuff.

And so the Great Overlord DOOMCOCK waited patiently, biding his time until he could emerge again in defense at the right moment, perhaps in a time of need – just the instant – when the legacy and the dignity of the franchise might be threatened in some way again. 

DOOMCOCK would be there. And so it was.

After these recalcitrant child-jackals were sent for their time-outs, the brave members of DOOMCOCKs’ victorious and glorious Legionnaires –

The Echo Base Network  appealed to the great Admiral Shatner for mercy.

They pleaded mercy for their Great and Omnipotent leader DOOMCOCK who had done so much for all, to keep the flame and spirit of the franchise alive or at least be allowed to retire with it’s dignity intact.

The Echo Base Network pleaded with the great Admiral to unblock the Great Overlord from his Twitter following so that he might enjoy the renewed benefits of his graces and light.

Our great Admiral William Shatner considered this proposal and returned with an offer to the Legionnaires.

The Admiral set forth a possible solution to their anguish. In return, if they would sacrifice 1000$ in donations for a charity of Mr. Shatners choosing, The Great Admiral offered to unblock the Overlord DOOMCOCK as a reward for their efforts.

The Legionnaires at The Echo Base Network accomplished this easy feat in 62 minutes. 

Truly Glorious!!!



Our great Admiral William Shatner fulfilled his word, he kept his promise and unblocked the Great Overlord DOOMCOCK.


The Great Overlord DOOMCOCK Himself graced us with a moment of his presence and time away from his plans to re-conquer the world and shared with us here @BleedingFool an open letter of his great feelings on the matter. We share those for all of you here :

All of my life I’ve followed the career of William Shatner…

As a kid, I started watching everything I could find with him in it, and it became a lifelong habit, always delighting in finding a new project I didn’t know about, an appearance on an old game show.

I am fairly new to Twitter, and when I saw William Shatner was on it naturally I followed him.

Now I’m very outspoken and passionate in defense of original Star Trek, and I can be strident at times making my points, and at some point I think one of my tweets about Star Trek offended Mr. Shatner and I found myself blocked from his account.

It bothered me greatly that somehow I had offended an icon that had meant so much to me in my life, my childhood hero. It weighed on me that here I was fighting hard for real Star Trek against the current version that Shall Be Nameless here, and yet this towering symbol of what Star Trek is had shunned me. It haunted me.

My allies and followers who know of my passion for Star Trek knew of this pain. They could tell. It wasn’t like I complained about it endlessly, but there were times I would make a video about Trek or Shatner and get wistful over the irony of it.

Then today some folks out of the blue decided to do something about it.

The Echo Base Network tweeted to Mr. Shatner asking him to unblock me without my knowledge. Mr. Shatner put the sincerity of me and my fans to the test, and lo and behold, so many people came forward to support me – they had donated over $1000 to Mr. Shatners’ charity in less than an hour ! True to his word, Mr. Shatner unblocked me.

As happy as I am to be forgiven by Mr Shatner – for me – perhaps the thing that moves me even more, is the outpouring of love and support from everyone who donated to make an evil Overlord’s dream come true.

I will never forget this day, and from the bottom of my heart, thanks so much to everyone who has helped to make this happen. And hail to William Shatner !!!

DOOMCOCK the Future Ruler of Earth

June 18, 2019

ALL of us out here will be forever grateful for the mercy of our Great Admiral.

Mr. Shatner – Thank you

Should you ever need the assistance of the Echo Base Network and the Legionnaires of DOOMCOCK,

they will always  be ready to answer the call.

[***Authors notes – And if you don’t mind Admiral, I will take us out with thrusters only. Usually, I’m a little heavier on the peddle around here, but we’ve no need of any more of that this week methinks.***]

Mr. Shatner, from all of us in this humble little corner of our Indie-Sphere, we thank you for your time, for your interest and support of your fans and of course – thank you – for just being you…

We truly love you. Please be well and –

We wish you –   the very best of health, the very best of wine…

the very best of friends & steady on wards, always...

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