William Shatner on What Makes Star Trek Still Popular to this Day

ca. 2002 — William Shatner — Image by © Jerry Avenaim/Corbis


William Shatner, who recently celebrated his 90th birthday on March 22, believes the reason Star Trek has endured and thrived so much comes down to one word: hope. Speaking on the Couch Surfing program on PeopleTV.com, the actor likened mankind’s action on this planet to a cancer that the body, Earth, is trying to burn off. He calls humanity a pestilence but we don’t have to be if we make changes to live in equanimity. That’s where the franchise comes in.


“The fact that Star Trek exists 400 years from now is sort of a promise that if we do those things, we will, your children, your grandchildren will continue to live and live in fairly decent circumstances if you follow what we’re supposed to follow. Star Trek says we exist 400 years from now, so there’s hope. That’s what the audience gets, is the hope. That’s the message of Star Trek, and that’s why I think Star Trek is popular.”



Star Trek continues to grow it’s fan base with three series currently on the air and other projects in production.


These days, Shatner himself is probably more popular than the current Star Trek output, but isn’t that obvious?

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