Will China Embrace an Increasingly Gay Star Wars Universe?


Disney and Lucasfilm have made great civil rights strides for gay folks within their Star Wars universe, but will China come along for the ride? 


Let’s examine this quandary.


Lunatic race obsessist and Lucasfilm author of Last Shot Daniel Jose Older once posted the following:




Fantastic.  But that’s only one small step for gay folks in Star Wars.  There have been multiple steps that some might say constitute one giant leap.  Let’s take a look.


Star Wars Aftermath author Chuck Wendig has famously complained that the bulk of the criticisms of his work came from homophobia rather than his wibbly-wobbly prose, due to his inclusion of a gay character.  According to the Guardian:


Chuck Wendig, author of the new Star Wars novel Aftermath, has told fans who have objected to his inclusion of a gay character that “You’re not the good guys … You’re the shitty, oppressive, totalitarian Empire.” And added: “If you can imagine a world where Luke Skywalker would be irritated that there were gay people around him, you completely missed the point of Star Wars”.


Lucasfilm author Paul S. Kemp once tweeted out the following in regards to his book, Lords of the Sith:



But, a gay character did appear in his Star Wars novel nonetheless.


There was also the secret gay romance between Grand Moff Tarken and TK-421, written by Glen Weldon in the story Of MSE-6 and Men which appeared in the anthology book, From a Certain Point Of View.




The character of Lando Calrissian was confirmed to be pansexual according to the screenwriter of SoloJon Kasdan.


Lucasfilm author Delilah Dawson wrote about polyamorous characters in her book, Phasma.


More recently, the characters Orka and Flix from the animated series Star Wars: Resistance were confirmed to be openly gay.


The weird sex cult in Star Wars fandom known as shipping, has brought us fan fiction that brings several characters together in gay relationships.  Including Kylux:








And has even delved into interspecies sexual relationships.



We should also remember, that Solo screenwriter Jon Kasdan made the following statement:


Couldn’t agree w/you more. I hear your frustration. I think SOME progress is being made and i think you will see the kind of representation you’re hoping for, not in some vague distant future but very soon, and it will certainly come with screams of protest from the other side.

— Jon Kasdan (@JonKasdan) September 15, 2018


That hasn’t been fulfilled yet, so is it coming in Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker?


So the big question here is, will China allow the Star Wars franchise into their country, now that it has made these great civil rights strides?


We have to ask that question because communist China has censored gay material in the past.


According to Anna Codrea-Rado of the New York Times:


China Is Banned From Airing Eurovision After Censoring Performance With Gay Theme

LONDON — The grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest will not be shown in China after two performances were censored in a local broadcast.

The European Broadcasting Union (E.B.U.), which organizes Eurovision and licenses broadcasts around the world, terminated its contract with the Chinese channel Mango TV after Ireland’s performance was cut, and other sections were blurred to obscure details, when the first semifinal aired on Wednesday.

The singer Ryan O’Shaughnessy, representing Ireland, sang a sentimental breakup ballad, “Together,” which featured two male performers dancing and holding hands. This section of the competition did not feature in the broadcast in China.

The state-funded news outlet Global Times said that the Chinese broadcaster also blurred images of the rainbow flag, an L.G.B.T. symbol, waved in the audience during Switzerland’s performance. The BBC News website showed a still from the broadcast in which the flag had been obscured

Homosexuality is not illegal in China, and the country has a growing movement for lesbian and gay rights. But recently, censors have pushed back against the growing visibility of lesbian, gay and transgender people online and in the media, reflecting the Chinese Communist Party’s drive to instill politically orthodox values.


It will be interesting to see how China treats the Star Wars franchise in the near future.


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