Will ‘Star Wars: The Mandalorian’ Explore Cobb Vanth’s Gay Romance?


USA Today and (comics writer) Gail Simone recently lamented the lack of sex in Star Wars. Well they just might get their wish in The Mandalorian.


By now most readers of this blog know that the Cobb Vanth character is a Chuck Wendig creation, from his terrible Aftermath novels.


But it appears this is all “bittersweet” for Chuck, because his character has been altered to some degree. One of the ways that Cobb Vanth could have been altered, is in his sexuality.


This comes from the disreputable WikiPedia, so readers are encouraged to do their own research:


Life Debt (2016) reveals that Cobb has since become the sheriff of the town Mos Pelgo after liberating it from the Red Key Raiders’ mining collective, continuing to wear the Mandalorian armor and take a stand against the Red Key Raiders’ forces. Meeting Malakili, the former beastmaster for Jabba, framed for killing a group of Red Key Raiders, Cobb agrees to accompany Malakili – and the infant heir of Jabba he is protecting – back to Mos Pelgo (also known as Freetown) to start a different life.

In Empire’s End (2017), set about a month before the events of the The Mandalorian episode “Chapter 9: The Marshal”, Cobb and Malakili, now romantically involved, continue to work together to create a deal with the Tusken



If this is true, then one of two things will happen.


Viewers will get treated to seeing Cobb mount Malakili or vice versa depending on who’s the giver and who’s the receiver.


Or, SJW activists will be infuriated by the “straight washing” if this doesn’t show up in the program. That could be an added problem for the production, since SJWs are already unhappy with the purportedly “transphobic casting.”


I’m sure that either scenario would be equally entertaining. The only question is what will the shipping name be? Cokili? Manth? Cobb Keeper?



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