Why Would a Comic Shop Focus on Political Ideologies?


The Glenwood Springs Post-Independent did coverage on a specialty store in the area called Tesseract Comics & Games, and they had some questionable stuff to say. On the one hand:


“We sell more ‘Pilla’ comics than any other shop in the country,” Alleger said. “It’s about this 7-year-old girl surviving a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with mutants who feed on human flesh.”



Because all we need is an emphasis on the horror genre. On the other hand:


Grenko scanned a copy of Marvel’s Squirrel Girl, a newfound favorite she discovered with Alleger’s help.


If that’s the newer takes on the character who IIRC was created by Bill Mantlo, I don’t get what’s so great about a version built on political correctness. And then, what a very interesting arrangement they have with whom to run a RPG competition:



High schoolers stop in after school to play Dungeons and Dragons midway through the week, and Alleger said the shop’s prime game time, Friday night, is reserved for an LGBT role-playing game group.

“The (LBGT) community has been underserved and pushed aside by the worst of the comic and gaming community’s gatekeepers for too long,” Alleger said. “It’s a point of pride that they get my shop’s most desired game day.”



Well, this is certainly telling. Pandering to ideologues and calling the altruistic dedicated to the game’s entertainment goal “gatekeepers”? That’s pretty much what they’re doing. Such PC ideologues are exactly the reason why we’ve reached the point where D&D has been unfairly accused of promoting “racism” with the Orcs, and for all we know, Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings may have already been harmed by this obsession with scapegoating and moral panics too. It wouldn’t surprise me if the trilogy of movies directed by Peter Jackson would be less likely to be adapted today, and if it were, they’d surely do all they could to dumb it all down. And this store staff has the gall to perpetuate a hurtful approach to past contributors and audiences? That’s not good. Oddly enough, this same article continue to state:



Alleger picked up his first comic book when he was about 10 years old, mostly because his parents didn’t want him to.

“I grew up during the Satanic panic,” he said, explaining the ’80s and early ’90s were rife with religious rhetoric aimed at comics, toys and games that didn’t cater to the ‘Christian’ message. “I wasn’t allowed to read comics, and that drew me to them.”



Yet he doesn’t think the left’s approach today is equally damaging? Or does he lack respect for morality and sanity? That’s what one could wind up thinking about such an apparent leftist. The way they’re going today can hurt the reputation of past comics contributors to boot, not the least being Siegel, Shuster, Lee and Kirby, among others (on which note, the left’s been more accepting of antisemitism these days, and since the above comics legends were Jewish, if the store manager is a leftist, does he realize the harm he’s causing them in that sense?).


How is accusing D&D of racism not the same as accusing it of promoting Satanism? They don’t even consider it’s impossible to please everyone, nor should you be going about lecturing how to best do this or that. Of course, if he thought the modern SJW accusations now leveled against a lot of older products were true, what sense did it make to read comics in the first place? It all seems completely lost on these ideologues.




Running a store based on political ideology is an awfully poor idea. It’s one thing if he wants to sell to a LGBT consumer segment, but another entirely to vilify whole fanbases and basically drive them out of the market in favor of the SJWs the manager apparently considers acceptable. And unfortunately, that’s exactly what he’s doing.


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