Why We Still Need to Talk About Ezra Miller & His Flash Movie


In this recent Vanity Fair report, troubled actor Ezra Miller, whose Flash movie doesn’t sound like something to celebrate in any event, continues to be described by people who know him, though the magazine regrettably continues the embarrassingly bad leftist PC tactic of describing him with pronoun distortions:


In June, two protection orders were issued against Miller. The first was filed in tribal court in North Dakota by Chase Iron Eyes, a Native American businessman, and his wife, Sara Jumping Eagle, on behalf of their 18-year-old, Tokata Iron Eyes, who goes by Gibson. They accuse Miller of grooming, brainwashing, and emotionally abusing the teenager, a nonbinary Indigenous activist Miller met when Iron Eyes was just 12. The tribal court put a temporary order in place, but ultimately dismissed the request for a permanent one, and the parents say they withdrew their request for custody, believing the odds were stacked against them. The second order was requested by a mother in Massachusetts, claiming that Miller’s interest in her own nonbinary 12-year-old made her and the child uncomfortable in incidents between February and June of this year. The actor denies the allegations.


It’s additionally insulting how they obscure the girls’ gender, which does a terrible disfavor to Miller’s victims after all the trouble he’s caused. Just like describing him with bewildering pronouns also provides him with a “recognition” he doesn’t deserve.


In interviews, Miller has long fashioned themself as a Hollywood outsider and queer champion who blurs gender lines and seems to revel in provocation. The actor has offered journalists marijuana mid-interview and spoken in gibberish to reporters at ComicCon while wearing silk lingerie as a sexy Super Mario Bros. character. […]




It currently says on his IMDB profile he’s going by these very ideologies, and that they’d be willing to award him the same way VF and other left-wing press sources have been doing is equally insulting to the intellect. Even more disturbing is Miller’s drug use, which is sadly protected under current legalization in more than a dozen different states. By the way, would VF be willing to use the term “sexy” to describe women anymore?


While in Iceland, Miller was accompanied by Jasper Young Bear, a 55-year-old North Dakota medicine man the actor had hired as a spiritual adviser. Young Bear seems to have stoked Miller’s outsize vision of themself. “Jasper was telling Ezra that he wasn’t a part of the movement, he was the movement—that he was the next Messiah and that the Freemasons were sending demons out to kill him,” says a source, who, like others who have been close to Miller, sometimes misgenders the actor, who is said not to insist on they/them pronouns in private. (Young Bear did not respond to a request for comment; Miller’s rep says he is “a dear friend.”) […]


This says quite a bit. He’s clearly doing his pronoun idiocy just to undermine people’s ability to criticize him properly, and to gain protected/privileged class status. Yet VF continues the useless charade by claiming the source “misgenders”. What’s their point?

With that kind of a track record, no wonder Miller’s Flash movie should be met with silence when it premieres next year. If I ever once looked forward to such mega-budget fare, I hugely regret it now. In the long run, all this has done is tarnish the classic creations these films are based on.


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