Why You Can Expect to See Fewer VXF Heavy Films in 2020




This topic has been presented in detail on Oct., 23 2019 by DINALE on the FANSPEAK Youtube channel a few months ago, but here are points of interest that were not mentioned. Even with real time hires on rendering for reshoots and re-edits, Walt Disney Studios grabbed up as many visual effects (VFX) companies as it could outside its usual list to achieve the nearly impossible tasks they’ve accomplished for locked-in movie debut deadlines.


Several VFX companies in Hollywood stopped their current production in order to take up the task of working on the last Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker so that the studio could hit its hard deadline. Reshoots aren’t inherently a bad thing, but with effects heavy films like these, it takes a massive effort to get shots done properly on time, and from what I’ve heard, a lot of these VFX shots were assigned at the last minute.


Sure, the film made it on time, but the gargantuan effort in turn caused major delays for VFX heavy movies, by about 6 months or more from what I’m told. Some movies already announced the change in their schedule. Others make their feelings known, while others quietly adjusted their time without fanfare.



And here is an interesting thought.


The VFX companies that took up the rush last minute task for Disney, had to get the approval of the productions they already had a contract with, otherwise the VFX company would be in breach of their agreement and be liable for millions in lost dollars. I speculate that it is not unlikely that Disney payed the production companies a fee of some kind to allow them to get ahead of the line.


So, think about this possibility. A rush job, paying rush charges, paying companies to allow them to get ahead of them.


That is a lot of money being spent. Better go subscribe to Disney+ now. They could use the money, LOL.





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