Why Was an Asian Male “Nyxed” From the Clone Wars Revival?

Looking forward to the Clone Wars revival as the last great hope for Star Wars? 


Well let me dash that hope for you. 


One of the original storylines for Season 7 of The Clone Wars, had Ahsoka Tano meeting a male Asian character named Nyx Okami, who would be a love interest for her.  As Dave Filoni explained at Celebration 2016


“Nyx was also an attempt, I wanted to have an Asian male lead in Clone Wars, and he was gonna be kind of a character bringing that to the forefront.” 


You can watch a brief clip of an unfinished episode with the Nyx character here: 


Ahsoka & Nyx in the Underworld story reel (with subtitles)


But this is the brave and bold feminist age of Star Wars.  Male characters that seem like they might play some kind of role in a franchise with the word “war” in the title, need to be replaced with ridiculous representations of Antifa girls who like to play revolutionary at smelly protests and who dye their armpit hair purple.  Fangirlblog.com explains:


At Celebration Europe in London in 2016, Filoni had shared an animatic of Ahsoka flying a speeder bike that suffers an engine malfunctioning, forcing Ahsoka to somehow find a way to set it down safely. In the Celebration Chicago panel, fans saw the final version of this clip, fully animated with visuals, sound, and voice. In London, Filoni and Ashley Eckstein had discussed this arc – which takes Ahsoka to the underworld level 1313 on Coruscant – as involving a young man, Nyx Okami, with whom Ahsoka shares a whirlwind romantic storyline. In Chicago, however, Filoni revealed that the story has been revised so that Ahsoka instead meets and befriends two sisters, Trace and Rafa Martez, as she adjusts to her new life. For all its strengths, The Clone Wars at times struggled with problematic tropes, especially involving female characters, and it is not hard to imagine that Ahsoka’s interactions with Okami might have presented similar issues. Similarly, while “The Bad Batch” centers on four male clones, the 1313 arc apparently now revolves around three female characters – including two new women of color, largely missing in The Clone Wars previously – to provide a more even balance in the new episodes.

That’s feminist balance all right.  Clearly Kathleen Kennedy is still very much in charge.


Behold the characters who replaced Nyx in the Clone Wars revival; Trace and Rafa.



The shaved areas of the head indicate ferocious feminism.  Here’s an up close view:


Back in 2017, two years after the release of The Force Awakens, James Akinaka of Fandom.com asked the burning question, Do Minorities Exist in Star Wars?


In the same month that Rogue One premiered, The Hollywood Reporter thought it was fine to ask seven white men how to promote diversity in animation. (Seriously, no women or people of color?) 2016 is also the year that Doctor Strange and the upcoming Ghost in the Shell and Death Note adaptations gave lead Asian roles to white actors. Whitewashing still plagues Hollywood, and it’s one of many problems that need to be addressed.

But not to worry because the wise cultural stewards at Lucasfilm were going to make a step in the right direction:


Minorities need to exist in Star Wars because we need stories about them. The problem is that the saga does have diversity and simply hasn’t explored it on a story level. Human races exist (based on varying skin tones, at least), but they lack identification. Dave Filoni, the supervising director of The Clone Wars TV series, even created a character named Nyx Okami who was meant to be Asian. Unfortunately, Lucasfilm ended The Clone Wars before it completed the episodes featuring Okame.

Well guess what James?  Trace and Rafa are nearly as lily white as Edgar Winter.  But relax SJW pea-brains, there may be a silver lining for you here.  And it may relate to a tweet made by Jon Kasdan some time ago:



Jon’s prophecy is yet to be fulfilled, but Abby shouldn’t fret, because Star Wars is no longer about wars in the stars.  It’s now more about teenage, lesbian cosplayers who wear steampunk goggles.  So it’s almost certainly coming at some point.  Maybe Jon is referring to Stormpilot.


Or maybe, only Nyx Okami’s gender was replaced, not the character’s function as a love interest for Ahsoka.  Aren’t SJWs always prattling on about how characters should be written without regard for gender?  That it shouldn’t matter if a man or woman is reciting the lines of any given character?


But a more pressing question now looms before us.  If Lucasfilm has made these changes to the Clone Wars revival, what other silly SJW changes have they made?  Probably more than the normal side would like them to.






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