Why the E-sports Betting Scene Has Become So Massive

What started out as a couple of people coming together in an empty room to duke it out in a game of Quake, with the only prize being a pizza and bragging rights, has turned into a billion-dollar industry. The global Esports-scene attracts millions of viewers and the scene is growing every year.


Sports was once only reserved for those interested in traditional sports such as Football or Baseball, but more and more people are turning to games to scratch their competitive itch and to watch athletes (?) battle it out. Today one can get, for example, Eagles odds with the same ease one could retrieve the odds for a game between FaZe and NaVi.


The beginning of betting on E-sports 


Betting on E-sports has extremely humble beginnings. The game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was starting to gain huge traction as the next big E-sport. Around the same time the developer, Valve, introduced in-game cosmetic items that changed the look of the player’s weapon. These could be bought and sold with real money and some crafty players saw an opportunity to capitalize on this. 


With some programming and entrepreneurial minds a couple of players started up their own betting websites. People could come in and wager their in-game items on the outcome of matches. This was around for about a year until various legal troubles landed in the lap of Valve. They decided to pull the switch and killed all betting with in-game items overnight. But this had shown the potential and interest that the public had in betting on E-sports, and many large gambling companies soon started providing odds for big games.


The future of Esports – more acceptance

The future of Esports is extremely bright. But even though there are some opponents to the fact that it’s called “sports” and that people have found something that they enjoy, the growth is absolutely massive. Today, big E-sports events can sell out stadiums completely and millions of people tune in to watch. Video games have become much less stigmatized and normal and with this comes an increased interest in E-sports.



The betting scene is also sure to evolve. Even if you personally have no interest in placing wagers on E-sports games, the added revenue and interest that this produces is bound to have positive ripple effects throughout the industry. More money usually means a better product in the long term.

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