Why Marvel Comics’ Latest “Heel Turn” for Captain Marvel Falls Flat

It seems like the current year Marvel Comics marketing protocol to state that “nothing will ever be the same again” after this crossover event or another. This is way past redundant, considering the point of a story is to introduce a character to something that they haven’t been experiencing before. Anyone who has read “Hero with a Thousand Faces” could tell you that exact same thing.



Regardless of this, Marvel Comics runs into a problem when it comes to trying to market Captain Marvel a.k.a. Carol Danvers becoming evil as some sort of a game changer. Whether it’s her MCU film, or her response in the second Civil War crossover event, they’ve made Carol Danvers rather evil already. One can hardly forget the character beating Iron Man into a coma and becoming completely willing to forego due process in the 2016 comic event.



In my most recent video, I talk about the sillyness behind the move, and how it seems that the #wokescolds writing for Marvel Comics these days simply have no grasp on the meaning of heroism or villainy. 


Carol Danvers goes evil even when she's been evil for 5 years.

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Micah Curtis

Micah Curtis

Micah Curtis is a former video game journalist who has appeared on Blistered Thumbs, Techraptor, SuperNerdLand, and Truthrevolt, and focuses his Youtube channel on the nerd subculture, politics, and the growing intersection between the two. He focuses on the politics surrounding the art industry, the importance of keeping the market free, the rights of the people involved, and (of course) the games, movies, television, and so forth that we all enjoy.