Attention Creators: Your Legacy Means Everything in Comic Books

Legacy is important.


It’s very simple.  It’s how people remember you.


In comic books, legacy is everything. The legacy that you leave behind matters most. I’ll always have a positive opinion of Jim Starlin because he signed my copy of The Thanos Quest and told me what the opening of Avengers: Endgame would be. Hopefully the other heroes of mine that I eventually meet won’t disappoint either.


Thing is, that’s supposed to be the goal. Don’t disappoint the people who want to buy your comics. Make them memorable. Make them something people are still talking about 20 years from now, so when you’re old you can still write comics and make a living.


Most folks aren’t thinking about that if they’re comic pros. 


Here are my thoughts:

Comic Books and why Legacy is important

Micah Curtis

Micah Curtis

Micah Curtis is a former video game journalist who has appeared on Blistered Thumbs, Techraptor, SuperNerdLand, and Truthrevolt, and focuses his Youtube channel on the nerd subculture, politics, and the growing intersection between the two. He focuses on the politics surrounding the art industry, the importance of keeping the market free, the rights of the people involved, and (of course) the games, movies, television, and so forth that we all enjoy.