Surprise! Marvel Comics Suddenly Cancels Multiple Star Wars Series

Apparently Marvel’s Doctor Aphra and Bounty Hunters books are taking a break according to Star Wars Splash Page.



This may not be too much of a surprise given the recent layoffs at Marvel.


But I’ve spoken with some folks who keep tabs on the comic book industry and this is the takeaway I’ve come with.


Ethan Van Sciver told me that breaks in general are not abnormal, but it is weird.


Ghostse from KiwiForums had this to say:


It is not normal for the break to not be announced ahead of time.

I don’t pay too much attention so I’m sure some NYEEEEEEERD can correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think breaks are normal unless a Story Line has ended and they are starting a new one. Publishers don’t want people having their habits. Less so because some comics are sold via subscription and not shipping a title means subscribers would be rightfully pissed. In this case, very likely the Marvel Star Wars subscriptions run Jan to Jan, not shipping the Jan release means you just bill everyone 11/12th what you would have normally.

Usually any schedule disruption can only mean invasion is a title changing publishing schedule because of declining sales; move a book from weekly to bi-weekly or monthly, move a monthly to semi-monthly – lowers the cost of the subscription to keep subscribers hooked, makes it a less costly pick up, you can start shifting writers & artists to other projects. Basically supply and demand.


And that Bleeding Cool rumor that I wrote about back in July 2020 is now confirmed.



This comes on the heels of Marvel’s Dr. Aphra and Bounty Hunter comic books “taking a break.” (Thanks to Dennis for the tip.)


Yellow Flash told me that they’re probably canceled because they’re “shit.”


Jeff from World Class Bullshitters said that books get canceled, no breaks. He believes the “break” may be PR nonsense from Marvel.


Just Some Guy told me that it’s more common with smaller publishers than Marvel, but it’s possible that they pushed the book back. He then reminded me of Marvel’s New Warriors.


Readers may recall, that Marvel’s New Warriors was announced, then delayed, and now appears to be canceled.


New Warriors CANCELED? Disney's Marvel SILENT on Comic Shop DESTRUCTION



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