Disney’s “Star Wars: Fun Facts” is Full of Lies

Readers of Bleeding Fool may already be familiar with the all-new, unexpected misandry regularly being inserted into Disney’s ongoing animated retelling of the original Star Wars in Galaxy of Adventures. But wait, there’s more. Princess Leia as she was depicted in the original Star Wars trilogy, apparently isn’t obnoxious and over-bearing enough for today’s bold, brave, and blue-haired feminists. 

They have decided that further changes are in order.

Today we look at the “Fun Facts” about Princess Leia in their garbage show Galaxy of Adventures.

We all remember that it was Leia who gave the rebels on Yavin the battle plans for the attack on the Death Star, right?


Star Wars: The Feminist Special Edition

Because this will be going into the memory hole:

And we all remember how Leia lifted up a brace in the trash compactor all by herself.


The Empire carelessly discards Styrofoam beams.

You’ll need to be re-educated if you remember it like this:

You can watch the entire “Fun Facts” from Disney episode here:

Princess Leia | Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Fun Facts

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