Why Did DC Comics Turn Batman’s Butler Gay & Chinese?

GOTHAM HIGH: DC Comics YA Writer Turns BATMAN into Self-Insert Fanfic!


Through One Angry Gamer, the above Clownfish TV video tells what DC’s “young adult” agenda project is now doing with the Bat-franchise in Gotham High, turning Bruce Wayne’s famous butler into a homosexual Chinese man (complete with a husband), and what’s particularly telling is that it’s penned by yet another non-fan of the medium:


And yes, the author of Gotham High, Melissa de la Cruz, is not a fan of Batman. She doesn’t read the comics or follow the lore.

While I could place blame on her for tarnishing the brand with bullcrap, let’s not forget that DC reached out to her and gave her this opportunity to tarnish Batman.

This was intentional.




It’s also clear that long after Dan DiDio’s gone from the editing/publishing role he didn’t deserve, much of the problems DC suffered from – including, but not limited to – politics, is still going to prevail for a long time, so long as there’s still a publisher to churn out these awful projects. It’s hardly even the first time – as far back as 2 decades, Marvel/DC were beginning to hire Hollywood phonies like Kevin Smith to write books for them. A lot of good it’s done in all the years, seeing what he did with Black Cat, rewriting her background so grossly to include sexual assault in retcon. Hiring all these “outsiders” with little or no understanding of established franchises and other characters is exactly what ruined mainstream superhero comics all these years, and it’s continuing now with people like novelists who’re just as awful.

And just because these young adult projects like Gotham High have no connection to the flagship DCU, does that make them excusable? Of course not. It’s just a gimmick so they can wallow in cheap sleaze, producing a product that taints the original legacy of the characters by extension. We don’t need any of that.



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