Why Dave Filoni’s Bad Faith Arguments Matter, No Matter When They Were Made

Dave Filoni spoke at the National Center For Women & Information Technology in 2016.


My favorite part was when Filoni fabricated an argument with a fan so that he can argue with points that fans never made, in an effort to prove a political point that doesn’t exist.  It’s a very common SJW habit, and it’s always hilarious.


He then went on to say about Ahsoka with SJW smarm, “What we found is this amazing thing, it will shock none of you.  that when you create a strong, independent, intelligent character, that shows no fear, that can do amazing things, boys and girls like her.  This is what we’re trying to do with the Star Wars saga.”


He then went on to mock critics of Lucasfilm’s Mary Sue trope, by mischaracterizing their criticisms as being against women.  The typical disingenuous SJW argument.


Dave Filoni shaming Star Wars fans for not liking Mary Sue, promises more



And for those who say his current output doesn’t reflect four year old statements, Itchy says:

There’s nothing wrong with looking at 4-year-old videos. There never has been.





There are three main arguments that apologists are using to defend Dave Filoni.


  1. The video is 4 years old, and looking at old videos is weird and/or an SJW tactic
  2. The context of the video taking place in 2016 matters
  3. His political views don’t matter if it doesn’t affect the content.


None of these arguments matter.


The video is 4 years old, and looking at old videos is weird and/or an SJW tactic


Looking at historical documents, such as the Filoni video, is a common practice. Frankly, it’s a practice that should become more common. The political agenda did not begin with The Last Jedi. Rather, it began in 2012 the moment that George Lucas sold his company to Disney. Most of us only started paying attention to the agenda after The Last Jedi was released. So there is bound to be far more material out there that was missed and never discussed. And it’s not as though anyone is prying through Filoni’s private papers. This is a public event, which is even posted in its entirety on the Star Wars YouTube Channel.


The argument that says we shouldn’t be looking at 4-year-old videos is ridiculous. It’s essentially an argument against studying history. Public history. Otherwise, what exactly is the official cut-off for old videos? 1 year? 1 Month? 1 Week? 1 Day? 1 Hour? What exactly is the expiration date? Who determines the expiration date? What qualifies a person to determine that expiration date, and what standards are they using to determine that expiration date? Who approves of those standards, and how?



Are we to now stop commenting on all of those videos from Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrams, Rian Johnson, and the rest of the Lucasfilm peanut gallery stretching back to 2012, which absolutely everyone has routinely commented on over the last three years? what about all of the old interviews from George Lucas that we like to look at where he discusses the Sequel Trilogy he wrote and Disney tossed out? Why should Filoni get a pass in this regard? Of course, he shouldn’t.


The context of the video taking place in 2016 matters

Some people are upset that I didn’t mention that the video was from 2016. I’ve updated my blog post to satisfy those complaints, but I should point out that the following verbiage exists in the description of Jar Jar Abrams video on YouTube:


“Dave Filoni at 2016 NCWIT Summit on Women and IT.”


But the context of the Filoni video taking place in 2016 makes the content in the video even worse. In 2016, The Force Awakens had come out and been in theaters for some time. Only a few of us were criticizing it. Rogue One was coming out. But The Last Jedi had been in production for a year, and Dave would almost certainly be aware of its content in 2016, since The Art of the Rise Of Skywalker shows him engaging in discussion over the development of the direction of the Disney Trilogy. So he said all of these things while knowing full well what was in The Last Jedi, and what we were all in store for. In fact, his comments published in The Art of the Rise Of Skywalker demonstrate that he pushed the Disney Trilogy in this direction.


His political views don’t matter if it doesn’t affect the content.

His political views are in fact affecting the content. I’ve been posting blog posts showing this, but outside of Ryan Kinel, most have ignored it because for some reason Dave Filoni gets a pass. In my view, Seasons 1-6 of The Clone Wars were enjoyable because of George Lucas, not because of Filoni. The changes that Dave Filoni made to Season 7 after he was no longer under George’s supervision demonstrate this to me.


The male Asian character Nyx was eliminated from Season 7, to make room for the Reylo sisters. Then, WWII reminiscent pin-up art was removed from an episode, presumably because it was deemed sexist. Then, a gruesome death sequence was deleted from an episode, which would have made the cut pre-Disney. When people began to notice these things and complain, Disney put out a video from Filoni where he explained that Season 7 was “rewritten” to be “better.


Then came the discussion Filoni had about the direction of Luke Skywalker in the Disney Trilogy as printed in The Art of the Rise Of Skywalker. Discussion about taking everything away from Luke, and giving it all to Leia. Discussion about making everything matriarchal. For me, this confirmed my suspicions.


But then the video from Jar Jar Abrams came out, and many were shocked. They really shouldn’t have been. It’s not shocking at all if you’ve been following this as I, Ryan Kinel, and others have been.


And many seem to easily forget the Star Wars: Resistance failure, which was all Dave Filoni.


Many people are giving the last 4 episodes of The Clone Wars high marks, but we should be asking ourselves, how much or how little did Dave change in these episodes? Because if he didn’t change very much in those last 4 episodes, then it would be further confirmation that The Clone Wars is great because of George Lucas, not Dave Filoni.


It’s for these reasons that I now see Dave Filoni as just another hyper-political SJW. It’s just who he is, without George’s supervision. He just hides it better than others because he’s not very active on social media.


But make no mistake, where there is some material, there is certainly more out there. And it will eventually resurface again. We can only hope that people don’t lose their shit when it does.


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