White Privilege & Oatmeal: Sampling Marvel’s Cooking Show

As we reported last summer, Marvel Entertainment kicked off a new series of online videos entitled “Eat the Universe” which features a chef preparing a recipe for a Marvel character. The latest installment featured Ironheart inspired savory oatmeal with a New Mexican chile sauce.  I enjoy cooking and found myself with some time on my hands. So I went down to the corner grocery story and ending up spending $100 to prepare in ingredients to prepare the dish. Just to get a feel for the show, I look at look at the very first episode and was impressed that Marvel launched the series with a white privilege reference within the first minute of Episode 1. Moralistic lectures on race based privilege will certainly help connect with young people and teach them to cook! (sarc/)


I’ve never looked at a bowl of oatmeal before and thought it needed gravy and meat medallions, much less a southwestern chili sauce, and I’m someone that’s tried adding corn flakes to a potato and onion leftover hash. This recipe had me intrigued. Spoiler alert, I tried it an ended up liking it. I still have to wonder about Marvels’ brand extension of combining super hero comics with social justice concepts and cooking, but that’s another matter. 


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I tried the Ironheart receipt for "savory oatmeal" but skipped the lecture on white privilege

Preston Poulter

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