Whisper Network’s Stephanie Cooke Now Gatekeeping Crowdfund Comics


Remember Stephanie Cooke, the Canadian would-be comic writer who was accused of embezzling $10,000 from Bill Willingham in 2015? Well, as little as I care for a product like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, it would seem she’s stirring a hornet’s nest over Boom Studios’ use of crowdfunding on Kickstarter for new comics they’re publishing based on the mid-90s television program:



Be that as it may that BOOM! was criticized for crowdfunding Reeves’ comic built on jarring violence, Cooke has no business whatsoever criticizing the publisher’s approach based on her own criminal offense in Minnesota. If the companies in charge of the Power Rangers franchise today wouldn’t give them any backing (and logic suggests Boom is the one who had to pay to retain a license for writing and drawing these comics), that’s just why they must’ve felt a crowdfunding campaign would be best for recouping the costs it’d take for this project. Cooke even has the laughable gall to tell everybody:



And just how was she being any better when she allegedly committed embezzlement? Her ideological beliefs aren’t even much different from those of the industry and corporate bigwigs she speaks of. She also wrote:



Yes, somebody like this surely has blame to shoulder for injecting more extreme ideologies into the business in past years. And then, she posted the following laughter inducer:




I haven’t heard people like her say it was a horrible mistake for Marvel and DC to produce atrocities like Avengers: Disassembled, Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, Sins Past in Spider-Man, or even One More Day. So she’d do well to just quit blabbering. Oh, and look who replied to her thread on Power Rangers:



Far-leftist Elbein makes very little sense himself. Besides, if Disney granted permission to crowdfund, then you can’t argue about whether BOOM! Studios should take the path if the licensor’s okay with it. For now, if Cooke’s not paying back the dough she embezzled, then there’s certainly no need to fund or buy the GN she’s promoting.

Such an absolute disgrace.



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Avi Green

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