Whisper Network Part 2: Media Cover-Ups & Coordinated Future Attacks


There’s more coming, but I think the following is very important.
If you’re an EDITOR or COMPANY OWNER, beware. Watch who you give access to your personal finances, and your private data to. Be prepared for “anonymous tips” to come flooding in, or hot news from questionable sources. Much like Tom King’s recent attack on Jae Lee, and many before his, most will have no evidence and can appear suddenly. 
If you are a CREATOR IN THE COMIC INDUSTRY, beware. If you have a prominent position, the mob is likely coming for you. Depending on your identity group, you could have no voice in the media, and no one will stand up for you no matter how ridiculous the allegations are.  Watch who you interact with. Watch your wallet. Watch your emails and texts. 
If you are a FAN, be vigilant. You can help. I’m not much different from you, just an outsider looking in, and I once felt helpless too. But we can do so much as fans. Don’t just take my word for it, look around for yourself and see evidence for this in plain sight. Look into those rumors, look at the accuser when you hear accusations with little or no evidence, look at the hate spreading all day long. And pay attention to who is starting it. Is it one of the Whisper Network? Or one of their allies on Twitter, someone they interact with all the time? Tracing the hate back to the source is very easy, and you will see the same handful of people initiating it almost every time.
Is there a corrupt journalist you see using unverified rumors or rando-Tweets as their “source”? Look a bit closer. Who is this journalist friends with online? Who do they likely speak with behind the scenes to set up these hit pieces? Again the same handful of people, and their close comrades, keep popping up time after time whenever I look.



1) Try this experiment: imagine EVERYONE MENTIONED in this piece, and then SWAP their GENDERS. 
How would the comic book media react? Would they be turning a blind eye, or writing hundreds of articles about a man being accused of embezzling thousands of dollars from a woman creator after she accused him in public statements given to the media? Would the MAINSTREAM get involved then? Would we see Polygon, CBR, The Beat, ICV2, and many other major outlets chime in? 
2) Will Marvel, Image, DC and other companies FINALLY make some common sense online bullying policies?
Brigading and lobbing false accusations will only increase if companies don’t step in and make rules for their contractors about harassing, bullying, and publicly accusing co-workers in the comic industry, and against hiring social terrorists who perpetuate the cycle of hate. Most of these Twitter storms could have been handled privately, but people like Tom King seem to be going for woke-points or virtue signalling to the WN. Not sure what motivated his Jae Lee attack over the weekend, but it was out of bounds.
Will these same players continue to grant exclusives and interviews to “news outlets” in comics that help perpetuate harassment, and employ so-called “journalists” who are linked or provide cover to the Whisper Network?
3) Is it time for a list?
Should someone start a group for the folks who have been victimized?  Everyone who has had rumors and lies spread about them. Everyone who has had money embezzled.  Everyone who has been blackmailed. Everyone who has been trashed by a corrupt journalist. Everyone who has been bullied, harassed or had their livelihood threatened. Should these victims create a group, so the world can see what kind of damage has been done, and continues to be done by social terrorists in the comic industry?
Maybe the “transparency” we keep hearing about in the comic biz should be a standard FOR EVERYONE TO FOLLOW… not just folks outside of the privileged, private Whisper Network.
Because that would TRULY be equality.
Be right back. Lots more to come.
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