While Comic Industry Burns, Marvel Doubles-Down on Social Justice


Right on the heels of the SJW-influenced New Warriors comes a 5-issue miniseries starring America Chavez, who was created under similar intentions a few years ago when Axel Alonso was still Marvel’s EIC:


America Chavez will return to the spotlight in a 5-issue series titled America Chavez: Made in the U.S.A., as announced in Marvel Comics’ just-released June 2020 solicitations.

Writer Kalinda Vazquez and artist Carlos Gómez will create Made in the U.S.A., which takes America back to her inter-dimensional roots to defend the people she loves from an unknown threat


Over 20 years ago, whenever Marvel had a failed project with poorly developed characters, they’d usually just quietly drop it in limbo and leave it at that. But now, it’s gotten to the point where they boomerang back on the botch jobs and won’t let go out of political obsessions.


And since we’re on the subject, as Life Site News reports that audiences are reacting negatively to the news on the web, and explains what’s wrong with calling two protagonists such obvious codenames as Snowflake and Safespace:


Both terms are predominantly associated with political correctness on college campuses, particularly the idea that young liberals need to be insulated from contrary ideas that might “trigger” them. But Kibblesmith says his characters adopted them as code names to “take those words and kind of wear them as badges of honor.”



If I were a liberal, I wouldn’t consider them honor badges. Besides, this only justifies the whole notion that leftist ideologues on campus or off shouldn’t have a thick skin to hearing dissent, only a thin skin. Surprisingly enough, as noted here:


Even the far-left blog The Mary Sue panned the duo, arguing that even as LGBT “representation” goes, there “needs to be a lot more thought put into it than this.”


Which shows why it just doesn’t pay to pander to these type of people, because they don’t care either way, otherwise won’t buy the product regardless, and take a “damned both if you do and don’t” approach to everything.


Marvel’s comic-book business has always been more political than its film side, although the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise is slated to feature same-sex romances in its upcoming films The Eternals and Thor: Love & Thunder.


See, we’re only a short time since Stan Lee’s passing, and even shortly before that, they were getting around to turning their output into a social justice mess. Suggesting that what goes up must eventually come down, due to political obsessions stemming from a confidence that, with the founding father gone, they can handle this stuff easy.

When CBR wrote up an article about the poor reception, they said:


This criticism has similarly spread to the creators themselves, both Cisgender — those that identify their gender with the one they were born with — Caucasian males, who created characters of color with different gender identities. Rather than having the creative team be from different racial or gender backgrounds, the new title being helmed by Kibblesmith and Vecchio has drawn online ire over a missed opportunity to bring more diverse creative voices to such culturally significant characters. The criticism over the lack of diversity in mainstream comic books has not been isolated to titles like the New Warriors, of course, but with such sensitive, timely subject matter during the current zeitgeist, it has reignited the discussion with a new fire.


Well look at that, they’re continuing to push that hilarious “cisgender” propaganda, which is more like an insult to heterosexuals. And fascinating how they seem to suggest it only applies to Caucasian males, and not females or POC. Hmm, CBR sure is plumbing new depths in their modern bankruptcy of merit. Though they do tell some of the criticism comes from the very marketplace they wanted to pander to – the social justice advocacy.


With fans feeling the attempt to take back timely pejoratives is misguided and poorly handled, the introduction of the Marvel Universe’s first non-binary superhero has not been well-received, to say the least. And while the first issue may hopefully assuage concerns over the handling of such an important milestone character for the venerable publisher, Snowflake’s announced introduction has not provided the teenage superhero with the first impression Marvel had surely been hoping for.


Umm, the fact they emphasize this character as non-binary, which seems to mainly be the identity politics of women who lacking self-esteem, is precisely why the poor reception. It’s because tasteless ideologies are being promoted as though they were normal and acceptable. And nobody asks for merit-based writing that doesn’t rely so heavily on identity politics. Something CBR’s new contributors will never come to terms with in their oddly confused reporting.



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