Where Are All the Movie Theater COVID Cases? Still Not One Reported

People wearing face masks to protect against the coronavirus watch the film “Dolittle” at a movie theater in Beijing, Friday, July 24, 2020. Beijing partially reopened movie theaters Friday as the threat from the coronavirus continues to recede in China’s capital. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)



Neal Pollack at Book & Film Globe asks a very interesting question on Friday:


Where are all the movie-theater COVID-19 cases?


As soon as the pandemic was on for real in March, movie theaters closed down totally. They were, experts warned us, super-spreading locations of the highest order. And even as they’ve been reopening, the warnings remain incredibly dire. Every publication has run an essay by a critic saying they didn’t feel safe going back to the movies right now. We ran just such a piece today.


When it became clear that Warner Brothers was going to dare to open Tenet in theaters, and that other movies would also dip a toe in the COVID-infested waters, the Onion’s AV club ran an interview with an epidemiologist headlined “Please don’t go to a movie theater: ‘It’s just about the last thing I’d do right now.’” 


Well, that sounds very scary. People did it anyway. Studios have been dumping content into the theaters for a month, and some people have bought tickets. But not one reported outbreak. So the question remains:


Where are all the movie-theater COVID-19 cases?


I’ve been looking, very hard, for any reported evidence, because I don’t want even vaguely encourage people to make a deadly choice. But there hasn’t been one reported COVID-related death to movie theater attendance anywhere in the world. There hasn’t even been a reported case of COVID. Not a symptomatic case. Not an asymptomatic case. Nothing.


How can that be possible? Movie theaters aren’t open in Los Angeles or New York right now, but they are open most other places. Seventy percent of all screens in the United States are operating, not at full capacity, but available for customers. The coronavirus hasn’t gone away. So where are the cases? Not one case in six months. Nine months, really, when you consider that the plague started in China in December. Again, how can that be possible?



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