When Will the #Woke Studios Boycott Russia, China & the Middle East?


While modern Disney goes to such lengths to push an LGBT agenda upon its products stateside, they don’t seem to have a problem with foreign countries censoring these elements or banning them outright, as has become the case in various Muslim countries in the middle east. Deadline Hollywood reports:


Disney/Pixar’s family film Onward has been banned in multiple Middle East markets due to the film’s minor reference to a lesbian relationship.

In the movie, about two teenage elf brothers in a mythical world who embark on a quest for magic, there is a passing reference to an LGBTQ relationship between two secondary characters.

In the scene, the two lead characters, voiced by Chris Pratt and Tom Holland, are disguised as their mother’s centaur boyfriend, Officer Bronco, and get into a conversation about parenting with two female police officers. The purple cyclops officer named Specter, voiced by Lena Waithe, commiserates with Officer Bronco and says. “It’s not easy being a new parent – my girlfriend’s daughter got me pulling my hair out, okay?”

Waithe’s character has been heralded as Disney’s first openly gay character.

But the reference hasn’t gone down well with censors in some countries, sources have confirmed. Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have all banned the film due to the reference. The film, released regionally this week, is nowhere to be seen on cinema schedules in those territories


This is the case in Russia too. Yet do advocates of this propaganda complain? Apparently not. In any event, the cartoon’s tanking at the box office, and John Nolte’s explained why much of the US box office is now sinking:


So what’s going so horribly wrong, you ask?

In a word: Woketardism.

There were two titles that were supposed to lift the box office boat, but both under-performed because audiences are rejecting woke in droves.

The first was Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which was release on December 20, but died $105 million short of the Last Jedi’s 2017 $620 domestic run and $420 million(!) short of The Force Awaken’s 2015 haul of $937 million. Had Rise of Skywalker performed up to expectations, it would have bled million into the 2020 box office. The Star Wars franchise has been so damaged by woke politics, there are no more movies in any serious stage of production. Disney totally bungled this.

And then there’s Birds of Prey, which is a total box office disaster. After four weeks in release, this anti-male slog has grossed just $83 million, when it was supposed to be the big tentpole of the season. The Harley Quinn character had a lot to do with driving Suicide Squad (2016) to $325 million domestic, but the woketards removed everything that made her so appealing in that hit, namely her sexiness.


It’s admittedly sad the Star Wars franchise is ending on such a sour note, and equally sad Birds of Prey had to be exploited for all this stupid propaganda. On which note, several months ago, the Federalist also lamented the decline of the SW franchise, and noted the worst part being:


Many Franchises Are Falling Apart
If it were only “Star Wars” being destroyed in this way, we might pass over it as a mere unfortunate mistake. These things do happen. It isn’t only “Star Wars,” however. It is everywhere. Hardly a major fictional franchise or character remains that has not suffered this process, from DC and Marvel Comics to “Ghostbusters” to James Bond.

The Marvel films held out for a long time, but then came the execrable “Captain Marvel,” which followed the Lucasfilm playbook almost exactly: make a terrible, franchise-devastating film and then imply fans are acting in bad faith when they don’t like it.

They are now laying plans to follow the hyper-politicized plan of the comics, spelling doom for the franchise. More and more, the stories people grew up with, the stories that meant something to them, are being destroyed by a combination of bad writing and politicization, leaving a saddened, confused, and divided audience behind them and shutting off the few remaining refuges from our increasingly divided political scene.

Finally, on top of all the concerns already raised, there is simply the fact that quality does not need to justify its own existence. Whenever something that once was great — whatever it might be — is destroyed, the world is that much poorer for it.

Very true, and I’ve written about quite a few creations and products over the years that wound up victimized by all this political correctness.


Strange how no one seems to notice the blatant hypocrisy of threatening to pull productions out of North Carolina and Georgia last year over what they deemed anti-LGBT legislation, but when other countries outright ban your cartoon over a minor reference to a lesbian relationship?




Of course, if the box office results for Onward are any indication, it hasn’t meant much to anybody, except the most desperate SJWs who believe its propaganda angle must be fully accepted in children’s entertainment no matter what. Yet they have no issue with Islamic countries – along with Russia and China – rejecting their visions, which only confirms these propaganda tactics are being crafted simply to undermine and indoctrinate western society, not eastern. If Onward’s censorship in those far reaches of the globe ruffles no feathers among the PC crowd, that’s the giveaway.



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