When PC Goes Too Far: Marvel Tampers With Artist’s Artwork

Artist Smallwood, who once complained about previous cases of censorship several years back, also contribution art to a Marvel book about Elektra: Black White & Blood, and it seems they’re so nervous about slighting POC via imagery, their idea of adhering to “cultural sensitivity” was to make a ridiculous fuss over how he drew an Asian girl’s eyes, all without his permission, and despite how some Asians who’d spoken to him weren’t offended at all.


Smallwood posted the following Twitter thread to explain:



No doubt, this has something to do with C.B. Cebulski’s liberal guilt over using an Asian pen name in the mid-2000s, and now, he’s just so terrified of offending Asians, he ends up offending in spite of that. Such cowardice won’t bolster his collapsed image one bit. And the troubling censorship didn’t stop there:



See, this is another problem in an era of terrible PC – they’re terrified of even implied nudity, something the more adult comics overseen by Stan Lee in the Bronze Age could feature, but today, nobody working at Marvel’s willing to respect that, nor do they have the courage work on such a challenge. Or, they don’t have the courage to ignore the 23 obnoxious Twitter trolls who could come out of nowhere and rudely complain about peanuts.


Why such businesses continue employing Twitter at all is beyond me.


Most amazing about this flap is all the boilerplate leftists who commented on the revelation, including artist/writer Jen Bartel, who’s got Asian ancestry herself:



Somebody told her it was surely white staffers responsible, and undoubtedly leftists too. So, if the creators are liberals, amazing that now, after all the trouble Axel Alonso caused when he was EIC, it suddenly matters to them that work is being tinkered with and censored. And another artist by the name Kyle Guilbault said:



No argument there. This only compounds the negative perception one can get in such a pathetic man, though he’s obviously not the only guilty party; there are several higher echelons like Dan Buckley and Sana Amanat who’re just as responsible. Including an editor named Devin Lewis, who tried assuring Smallwood they took accountability for their tinkering, but, Smallwood says:



I think it’s time for artists like Smallwood to let this serve as a wakeup call and realize Marvel/DC are held hostage to the worst ideologues in the corporate mainstream. To recognize that this is bound to continue if such awful people continue to lead their management. Again, I ask, why doesn’t somebody make an unambiguous call for the resignation of all bad apples, or better still, that the publishing arms be sold to an outfit that actually cares?



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Avi Green

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