When it Comes to Star Wars Fandom, Lucasfilm’s SJWs Are the Real “Gatekeepers”

Daniel Jose Older Lectures Against Claims That No One Made




So apparently Star Wars The High Republic writer Daniel José Older is under the impression that pointing out older material is some form of gatekeeping…or something.


But he elaborates more in the Tik Tok video he recently posted to Twitter:




Well, it doesn’t need to be said because no one is claiming to be a gatekeeper. Except perhaps for the idiot SJWs who themselves would like to be the gatekeepers.


But Daniel goes off on a worthless rant about how it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been a fan, and that Star Wars is for everybody. Except for the “straight white males” that Lucasfilm loathes.


But who or what on Earth he’s responding to is a great mystery.


Of course, maybe Older is attempting to discourage younger fans from looking at the older material, so that they buy the newer crappy material instead.



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