What’s Behind Netflix’s Cancellation of Its Marvel TV Shows?

Tech Radar reports the TV shows based on Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Iron Fist, Daredevil, and Luke Cage are being canceled, pretty much ending what they had to broadcast based on Marvel products:


Netflix has announced that it will cancel all future seasons of Jessica Jones and The Punisher. The former is just about to release its third season on Netflix while the latter just had its second season debut in January. 

The scripts for the shows will join Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil in the great garbage bin in the sky and signify the end of an era for the streaming service.


What could be the reason? They say further down the article:


The cancellation isn’t too surprising given the recent cancellations of Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil, but it’s still unfortunate nonetheless.

While neither Netflix nor Marvel has come out with a clean answer as to why these shows are getting canned despite decent viewership and stalwart fanbases, some suspect that it has to do with a disagreement between the two media powerhouses and the imminent arrival of Disney’s own streaming service Disney+.


But if the shows aren’t revived, that could suggest they’re not doing so well in ratings. IMO, it’s hard to feel sorry a show based on a Brian Bendis creation got canned, and I’m honestly disappointed they based the look for Luke Cage on the image Bendis had developed as far back as 2002, with a bald head and beard. If they don’t like the metallic tiara, that’s one thing, but why they think a guy who had hair on his head in better days has to be changed to something so ludicrous as a bald head and beard is plain stupefying (curiously enough, the character design today makes him look much taller than Iron Fist, whereas in the Bronze Age, while he may have been taller than Danny Rand, he wasn’t as gigantic looking as he looks in some illustrations I’ve seen of Luke Cage post-2002).

All that aside, it’s just too hard for me to care about live-action adaptations of comics that are currently being desecrated by uncaring hooligans who insult the fans every chance they get. Without respect for the source material, what’s the point in upholding live action adaptations?


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