Why Hasn’t DC Gotten Rid of the Bad Apples?

It isn’t just Bleeding Fool talking about it, this Hollywood Reporter article reports that  3 percent of DC’s staff are being laid off, but who’s apparently still remaining so far?


Rumors about changes at the company, home to the DC, Vertigo and MAD brands, have been circulating since Wednesday afternoon, helped by early, unsubstantiated reports that speculated that DC publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee could be among those leaving the company; that is not the case, with both actively continuing in their current positions.

The company has been organized into three distinct areas as of Wednesday’s news: Editorial, which will continue to be overseen by editor-in-chief Bob Harras […]


I’m not surprised scumbags like DiDio are still kept firmly employed, nor Harras, despite how he’s clearly just a figurehead editor overshadowed in almost every way by the former. It’s clearly meaningless to the higher-ups at Time Warner that DiDio’s only brought long term disaster, lately in the form of Heroes in Crisis, which already tanked in sales, selling well below 100,000 copies, which isn’t much in itself to begin with. And reports now say they’re even selling nearly half of what they had before, and at least a few more titles have been cancelled.

Based on this, why does DiDio keep getting a pass when it’s clear he symbolizes unpopularity at DC? He’s only been a bad omen for the company since he started. They don’t need to continue financing him.



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