We REALLY Hope this Spider-Man 3 Team-Up Rumor Turns Out to Be True

When we last saw Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Far From Home, his world had been turned upside down by the posthumous actions of Mysterio, framing the webhead for the attack on London and publicly revealing his secret identity. Come Spider-Man 3 then, Peter will need a heck of a lawyer on his side in order to get him out of this nightmare. Luckily, there’s already an adept attorney with an understanding of superhero life running around the MCU.


While We Got This Covered had previously reported that Marvel had been considering either Daredevil or She-Hulk to serve as Peter’s lawyer in the Far From Home sequel. Our latest intel, however, points to the studio having decided on having Charlie Cox turn up as Matt Murdock in the movie rather than Jennifer Walters, who will make her debut in the upcoming She-Hulk TV series.


Though Netflix cancelled DD in 2018, Marvel is expected to bring back all the major cast members for some sort of revival of the TV series – either on FX or Hulu – with Cox also making appearances in the wider franchise, apparently including SM3. As always, though, as we’re still a while away before the pic goes into production, do plans can always change.

Spider-Man 3 is locked in for release on July 16th, 2021. As such, filming should begin on the movie sometime this year.

Chris Braly

Chris Braly

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