Watch: Shock Value & Clever Novelty in Films Has a Finite Shelf-Life

There’s a passel of movies that were apparently ‘out there’ in terms of concept but are nowadays more ‘so what?’ One big reveal in the 1969s’s Ray Bradbury anthology picture The Illustrated Man is that Rod Steiger is covered in tattoos (aside from his face).  Nowadays? big deal – throw a rock out of any British town window and you’ll probably hit someone with head-to-toe tatts. 



Here’s a few others:

Twins (1988) – a pregnant man – ditto. Well not quite, but not necessarily unheard of anymore…


Carbon Copy (1981) – George Segal finds out that Denzel Washington is his son. So what?


Personal Best (1982) – Lesbian athletes. Shocker.


Mr. Mom (1983) – Michael Keaton is a stay-at-home Dad. Wow.


Mr. Mom (1983) Official Trailer - Michael Keaton, Teri Garr Movie HD


Back to the Future II (1989) In the future a crass millionaire welds power as a US President in 2016.


Back to the Future Part 2 (7/12) Movie CLIP - Biff's World (1989) HD


The Crying Game (1992) Guy hooks up with a pre-op transexual. Amaze-balls, as the phrase goes.


Any others? Excepting porno of course, and The Human Centipede.

Stephen Arnell

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